This year we are incredibly excited to announce several new prizes for which our Top 10 finalists are able to compete.

The Innovate BC Social Venture Prize is awarded to a for-profit venture, placing in the Top 10 or Top 25. The venture must aim to create a strong social or environmental impact that creates shared value to the local community and society at large, in addition to economic profits. The prize includes $10,000 cash from Innovate BC, and a guaranteed top 20 spot in the next Spring Impact Investor Challenge.

We are excited to to announce the four companies competing for the prize:

Moment Energy

Moment Energy offers energy storage systems (ESS) ranging from 100kWh – 5MWh for ongrid and offgrid applications. Their systems are built using retired EV batteries and are equipped with a proprietary battery management system, which is specifically designed to manage second life batteries. The systems are compatible with a wide variety of energy sources and offer the performance benefits of lithium batteries without the steep price. The company is currently generating revenue through one-time sales of ESS.


Rootd is anxiety and panic attack relief in your pocket.

The Victoria-based, female founded app blends a guided process for immediate and lifelong relief, with stigma-breaking design and therapist-approved content. It is currently the #1 ranked mobile app on Android and iOS for individuals struggling with panic attacks and anxiety.

Streamline Athletes 

Built and operated by an experienced team of former collegiate student athletes, Streamline Athletes is a data-driven collegiate sports recruitment platform that supports both student-athletes in their journey from high school to college or university and the coaches recruiting new athletes for their rosters. They are unique as they generate revenue primarily via long-term B2B service agreements with universities versus exploitation of athletes.

Total Flow Medical

Total Flow is developing novel medical devices to prevent injury to patients requiring extracorporeal circulation: the use of a heart-lung machine.

There are eight prizes up for grabs, including four new additions. This year’s prizes include:

  • $110,000 Innovate BC First Place Prize Package
  • $60,000 Innovate BC Second Place Prize Package
  • $35,000 Innovate BC Third Place Prize Package
  • $10,000 Innovate BC Regional Start-up Prize
  • $10,000 Innovate BC Women-Led Venture Award [NEW]
  • $10,000 Innovate BC Social Venture Prize [NEW]
  • $7,000 Luminaries “Diamond-in-the-Rough” Award [NEW]
  • The NVBC Alumni Impact Award [NEW]

More information about the prizes can be found here.

Want to see who wins $250,000 in cash and prizes? Join us for the livestream Competition Awards on October 4, 2021 at 5pm PDT.

Introducing the Luminaries Diamond-in-the-Rough Award