The Competition

Where can I see what past companies who have won the competition?

Our Competition finalists have developed a wide range of tech in diverse sectors and have gone on to accomplish big things in BC and beyond. See the list of our finalists here.

Can I apply with an idea?

Yes you can apply to the Competition in the ideation phase of developing your technology.

Do you make exceptions if the company is over 5 years old?

If your company has made a significant pivot, changed the business model or is developing a new technology you may make an exception. Email us at if your company falls into this category.

If I am not eligible for the Competition will my $200 entry fee be refunded?

Yes, we will refund you.

I have raised over $1M in financing, am I eligible to enter the Competition?

No, if you have raised more than $1M of non-grant money you are not eligible to enter the Competition. After the Competition application deadline you can raise over $1M.

What is the round breakdown?

  • Round 1: The idea – eligibility application
  • Round 2: Feasibility test – 5 page written submission and 60 second pitch video
  • Round 2.5: Pitch – 25 companies pitch their way into Round 3
  • Round 3: Venture Plan – 8 page written submission
  • Round 4: Top 10 Pitches – 10 minute pitch

See each rounds deliverables details here.

Distance Venture Accelerator Program

How does the application process work?

  1. Complete our short application.
  2. We will review your application and follow up within 1 business day. If we have any questions about your eligibility we will email you for clarification.
  3. Book a short phone call with our programs team. We will discuss what goals you want to achieve and what type of mentorship you are looking for.
  4. From there you will be introduced to the mentors we think would be best suited for your venture.
  5. After meeting with the mentors, you let us know which one you would like to work with. We then onboard you into our program.

What is the typical length ventures stay in the program for?

The minimum amount of time we ask ventures to commit to is 3 months in the program. However, most of our ventures typically stay in the program for a year.

Do I get to choose my mentor?

After applying to the program you have a quick intake phone call with our programs team. In that call based on your venture and the type of mentorship you are looking for we introduce you to the mentors we think would be the best fit for your startup.

Can I switch my mentor?

Depending on the mentors availability, you are able to switch mentors throughout your time in the program.

What is a quarterly meeting?

Every quarter you review what progress you have made throughout the quarter and do a venture pitch to our mentors and additional guest mentors. The goal of these quarterly reviews is to provide ventures with meaningful feedback and insight.

Do I have to present in person for the quarterly reviews?

No, you have the option to present virtually or in person for the quarterly reviews.

What is the program fee?

The program fee is $150 per month. For our past New Ventures BC Competition competitors, it is $100 for the first three months.