New Ventures BC

News about the New Ventures BC competition and seminar series


BCTIA presents HyperGrowth: BC’s only second-stage revenue accelerator

HyperGrowth is putting  three in-revenue ($250,000-$1,000,000) technology companies through an intensive 6 months revenue accelerator program. They are coupling it with a Series A readiness program run by Alacrity, and Vancity has made a $250,000-$1,000,000 convertible note program available. HyperGrowth have a great collection of operating CEOs and executives from Global Relay, ACL, Build Direct, Mobify, POF and more.
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Refine Your Pitch and Put it to the Test at LifeSciences BC Access to Innovation: Part 1


Every successful entrepreneur, no matter the industry, has to learn the art of the pitch.

A pitch pushes an entrepreneur to sell their vision, product and team to an Angel or VC investor within only a handful of minutes, and those that are able to engage, stand out and make every second count, will gain a key advantage over any company seeking external capital investment.

As difficult of a task as it is, there are resources to help any entrepreneur rise to the occasion under the pressure-filled spotlight of an investment pitch. Read more

SFU Pathways Conference 2015

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:  Riipen is proud to announce that we will be the presenting sponsor of the Exhibitor’s Luncheon at this year’s Pathways Conference.  As a Riipen company, you will have the opportunity to promote your organization and share with the attendees what they should do now to better prepare and market themselves for upcoming opportunities in your company. Read more

SFU Beedie School of Business Presents:

Government Support of Business Emergence: Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Governments support businesses through tax relief, grants, loans, and business support services. In doing so, they can choose to support the preservation of existing assets, or the creation of new assets. New assets are created through the support of business emergence: research that yields new knowledge, innovation that results in new products and services, and entrepreneurship that produces new companies. Prior research shows that business support outcomes depend on company and entrepreneur characteristics; the nature, intensity, and duration of support; and the business environment. But where business support programs are small, timelines are short, or participating companies are pre-revenue or unique, commonly advocated experimental approaches to evaluation may be infeasible. I present an alternative approach and new data that benchmark the results of a diverse range of business support initiatives from Canada, the US, China, and Europe.

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