Partnerships for a 21st Century Government

Program Overview

Modeled after San Francisco’s successful Startup in Residence program, the B.C. Startup in Residence (STIR) program connects B.C. tech startups with provincial government business areas to collaboratively and iteratively develop technology-based solutions for public-sector challenges within a 16-week timeframe.

The selected startups participate in a paid development phase and product trial period, at which point each government business area has the option to enter into an ongoing contract for further development, access, or maintenance of the solution.

Benefits of Participation

B.C.’s STIR, invites the best and the brightest to propose their innovative solutions and join the fall cohort to work on one of challenges areas put forward by participating ministries.

During the residency period, government and tech company teams will collaborate in-person and virtually to make their vision a reality. Teams across the STIR pilot will also come together as a cohort for workshops, guest speakers and mentor sessions, and networking events to make the most of one another’s experiences.

Tech company teams can work remotely or in person depending on their location – it’s up to them to describe how they plan to collaborate with the government team. There are no restrictions on company size, maturity, or location, and teams don’t need to be incorporated.

At the end of the residency and trial period, companies will have:

  • A fee of $10,000 in return for their participation in STIR
  • Full rights to commercialize the solution and sell into the growing gov-tech market
  • Potential for customer validation and the ability to reference the B.C. government as a customer
  • The opportunity to, at the discretion of their partner ministry, contract with the province for further development, access, or maintenance of the solution they created
  • A greater understanding of working with and selling to government entities
  • Access to a network of alumni

2018 Cohort: Challenge Statements

STIR is built on the premise that the best place to start is with a defined challenge versus a set of detailed requirements, and that the best solutions come from open innovation.

Business areas across the B.C. Public Service have identified various challenge areas and are willing to dedicate time, energy, and funding to create a solution.

The individual Calls for Proposals are posted on B.C. Bid (links included with the challenge statements below) in accordance with the Province’s procurement policies. Go to B.C. Bid to:

  • Review all the STIR Calls for Proposals
  • Complete the mandatory registration
  • Submit your proposal

A proponent meeting for any companies interested in learning more about participating in STIR will be held on July 10. Get more information about the event here.

All proposals are due by July 25, 2018.

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