New Ventures BC recently launched a Sales Accelerator Pilot Program. We searched across BC for tech startups wanting to focus on sales, marketing, and building a scalable revenue model. Our first program cohort is composed of quite the impressive group of startups. Not only have these startups proven their business model in a global pandemic, they are tackling problems with tech innovation.

Meet the 10 startups in our Sales Accelerator Pilot Program:

  • Agents Republic provides global multilingual customer support through home-based agents. Using AI, Agents Republic helps companies scale their customer service efforts in over 100 native language
  • Brave Technology Coop helps prevent overdoses. Brave’s mobile app, smart buttons, and overdose detection sensors connect people who are at risk of overdosing with the community care they need.
  • Celayix enables businesses to remotely manage their workforce. Their software helps companies to schedule their staff, track time, and facilitate better staff communication. 
  • CertiCraft has developed an all-in-one compliance platform for licensed craft cannabis cultivators. Their system guides growers through regulatory requirements and generates required reports, savings cultivators dozens of hours every month. CertiCraft launched this year and has grown by 500% to over 40 customers since January.
  • Craver’s mobile app helps restaurants retain and expand their loyal customer base. With Craver, restaurants can brand their own mobile ordering app. This enables customers to order, pay, and receive rewards on the restaurants app, not their competitors.
  • GoSocial Marketing Inc. software helps businesses transform their digital marketing efforts. From saving on Facebook ads, content marketing, and SEO, GoSocial is the one-stop shop for companies’ digital marketing needs.
  • Locelle’s new employer-funded service, “Mentor Moments“, is helping women in tech connect with career mentors and professional development opportunities. In just five months, Locelle has helped connect over 120 professional women in BC’s tech industry and has facilitated over 200 mentoring sessions.
  • RightMetric is a searchable library of data-backed case studies for B2C marketers. RightMetric provides marketers quick answers to hard questions and informs faster, more strategic decision making.
  • TalentMarketplace is an online recruitment platform for project managers, business analysts, and coordinators looking for work. Their AI algorithm helps employers find potential candidates.
  • ThisFish Inc. is on a mission to improve the social, environmental, and financial sustainability of the seafood industry. Their proprietary software, Tally, automates, and digitizes the collection of production, quality control, and traceability data in seafood processing plants.

The NVBC team is excited to be working with this group of innovative startups and can’t wait to watch their startups grow

How does the program work?

The program has two components: education and 1-to-1 mentoring.

  • Education: NVBC is hosting a series of online webinars to teach the best sales practices. These webinars are free for any BC tech startup to attend. The first webinar on Sales 101 is available to watch. Registration for our December 14th Sales Metrics webinar is now open. 
  • 1-to-1 Sales Advisory: Each week the cohort meets online individually with the NVBC’s highly experienced expert sales advisory team. The companies and advisory team work together to achieve the sales and marketing goals set out by the companies. 

Get on the waitlist

Applications are closed at this time. Get on the waitlist so we can contact you when space opens up in the Sales Accelerator Pilot Program.



We are pleased to offer this free pilot program, thanks to support from the Federal Government (Western Economic Diversification Canada) and Innovate BC. This program is part of the Tech Resiliency Program being delivered across the province by the BC Acceleration Network.


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