New Ventures BC is looking for a group of committed and coachable tech startups who want to focus on sales and building a scalable revenue model. 

This is a free pilot sales acceleration program for qualified companies which features one-to-one mentoring with an EIR, paired with a digital marketing specialist. 

This pilot program runs from October 2020 – March 2021.

Applications are closed at this time. Get on the waitlist so we can contact you when space opens up in the program/when we do another round of intakes.


Program Overview

Part 1: Education

New Ventures BC will deliver a series of online sales workshops to teach you the best practices and effective methods. 

Topics may include: Sales 101, Building a sales pipeline, Hiring for sales, Compensation plans, Sales Metrics to track, and more. They will be practically minded and will form a sales toolkit you can refer to. Final topics to be announced soon. 

Part 2: 1-to-1 Sales Advisory

Each company will meet with the NVBC sales advisory team regularly over phone and/or video. Meeting agendas will be determined in advance, based on individual company need. 

The objective of these meetings will be to give advisory, but also to teach you how to think analytically about revenue and forecasting as well as using and analyzing digital tools to monitor and increase sales.

Possible metrics to review and discuss at each meeting may include:
: Don’t worry if you don’t currently track these metrics, or you don’t know what some of these mean. That’s what this program is for!

  • Revenue, and transaction targets by quarter (for at least the next 12 months, preferably longer). 
  • Revenue, and transaction forecast for current quarter 
  • Projected Achievement against plan based on Forecast 
  • Actual achievement against plan for previous quarter and YTD 
  • Growth over previous quarter 
  • Average sales cycle (days) 
  • Average deal value 
  • Current conversion ratio (closing rate %) 
  • Churn (for subscription models) 
  • Total pipeline for current quarter and following quarter 
  • Any large “elephant” deals in current quarter or next quarter 

Ideal Program Outcomes:

  • Learn a disciplined sales approach that you can apply consistently to this company and beyond
  • Accelerated growth. Improve your marketing approach, build your sales pipeline, close more sales, increase revenues, and build an achievable plan for the future.

Who’s Eligible?

  • BC-based, early-stage tech company, with a product in the market
  • Have at least one person working on the venture full-time
  • Has paying customers (ideal: 8-10) and are generating revenue (ideal: $50K total or above) *You may still be considered if you are close to, but not at these numbers
  • Have some leads and/or prospects you would like advisory on 
  • Can commit to attending education and advisory sessions. NVBC recommends the CEO attend all meetings. Additional members of the company (ie. VP Sales) may also attend.
  • Note: Special consideration may be given to companies impacted by COVID-19

Application Process

  • Complete the online application form 
  • NVBC will follow-up with eligible companies to attend a 45-minute intake and feedback session

Meet the Team

NVBC will leverage our extensive network and assemble a team of senior sales and marketing mentors to work as hands-on advisors.  

Peter de Verteuil: Peter has over 30 years of experience in Sales and Marketing management, Business Development, Corporate Strategy and Communications. Peter has held leadership positions in dynamic high-growth environments as well as large multinational organizations and has navigated change management through a number of corporate acquisitions. In roles of VP of Sales and VP of Strategy at SAP, Peter managed highly successful sales teams, and helped drive GTM Strategy & Planning for one of SAP’s leading growth divisions.

While VP of Marketing for Future Shop, Marketing Magazine named Peter one of Canada’s most influential marketers. Today Peter provides professional Business Development, Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Media consulting and advisory services to a wide spectrum of organizations, from startups to large enterprises.

Susan Richards de Wit: Susan has over 25 years as a management consultant specializing in strategic partnerships, public relations, corporate communications and digital strategy. Susan has lead projects in everything from start-ups to growth stage companies, universities, and healthcare providers. As a senior leader, Susan helps to drive change using strategic, creative, and fully integrated approaches to marketing communications, media relations, and all things digital.  Susan helps companies communicate in ways that bring results in disruptive business environments.

Rochelle Grayson: Rochelle is a digital strategy expert and serial entrepreneur.  Her background is solidly in the digital space.  As a digital consultant and teacher for over 20 years – Rochelle holds an MBA in Finance.  Known as a quantitative marketer, Rochelle loves the creativity of marketing – but is focused on the bottom line, ROI, and all things data driven.  Rochelle describes her comfortable place at the intersection of marketing, finance and digital.  Rochelle focuses on digital revenue models, “that is my wheelhouse.”  Rochelle looks to hold executives accountable while leveraging the analytical and creative capabilities of digital tools.

Get on the waitlist

Applications are closed at this time. Get on the waitlist so we can contact you when space opens up in the program/when we do our second round of intake.



We are pleased to offer this free pilot program, thanks to support from the Federal Government (Western Economic Diversification Canada) and Innovate BC. This program is part of the Tech Resiliency Program, being delivered across the Province by the BC Acceleration Network.

Meet our Sales Accelerator cohort