This year marks New Ventures BC’s 20th anniversary of supporting tech innovation in BC! We are celebrating our 20 years of impact by interviewing those who made the past two decades so special.

Dave Thomas is one such individual.  A partner at Rocket Builders and an independent consultant, Dave is also a mentor and Competition judge and has been involved with NVBC since the absolute beginning.

Watching NVBC and the Competition grow for decades, Dave has seen us evolve and helped countless startups take off. So who better to reflect on 20 years of NVBC than Dave?

How long have you volunteered for New Ventures BC?

I’ve been involved with NVBC for a long time on a variety of different fronts, probably close to 20 years. I’ve watched NVBC and the Competition grow and become more and more successful and it has been quite rewarding.

What is your favourite part of volunteering?

One of the things I really like about volunteering with NVBC is that some of the people and mentors who volunteer have been around a long time– that means they are really committed to what NVBC does. It is a chance to see people you respect and think are important in the tech community and it makes volunteering worthwhile.

It is also interesting to meet a lot of different companies. There’s always a real variety and it gives you a good gauge to see what is happening in BC’S tech market. It is pretty rewarding and educational.

What has volunteering taught you? 

I’ve learned a broader point of view. When you listen to different companies it expands your spectrum and helps you learn interesting approaches.

Do you gain anything by giving back to the tech community?

I end up with a really good group of contacts. Some of the companies you meet through the Competition or an industry event…I’ll interact with them for 5-10 years afterward. Knowing them in the community and watching them evolve has been a positive experience.

How would you describe NVBC’s impact on the tech community?

As a group we are very supportive of NVBC. We think it is one of the jewels of the tech community in the province and is fundamentally important in terms of getting everything to grow.

There is no doubt that the better companies in the province succeed with this organization. It really does accelerate the development of a lot of companies. It may be difficult to quantify on occasion, but I am clear in my belief that it has a positive impact.

I’m a real believer in the team that started and currently runs New Ventures BC. I look at the core management group of the NVBC program, and think back in time to Mike and Ernie who started it and who were a part of it in its formative years. I think all of them can be really proud of how it has evolved.

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