So you have filled out an ISI Grant application, found a student to hire and been approved for ISI grant funding. Wonderful! What’s next? How do you successfully onboard your new student hire while working remotely? Here are five tips to help you and your student hit the ground running:

1) First things, first: prepare!

In advance of your student’s first day, make sure they can access all the tools they will need to succeed, such as a laptop, phone and software systems. Arrange for safe pick-up or delivery via courier at least a week in advance.

Create a checklist that sets out all the tasks the student should complete during the on-boarding process (including tasks to complete before their first day). If you do not have an on-boarding process, create one before the student begins their work term.

2) Give an enthusiastic welcome 🙂

Introduce your student with a warm welcome email! Let your student know who’s who on the team and what they can expect on their first day and the weeks to come.

Connect with them on LinkedIn and encourage others on the team to do the same. You can even give them a shout-out and let your student know (and all your LinkedIn connections) how excited you are that they have joined the team.

3) Be available

Keep communication lines open during the day (phone, email, live chat) to ensure the student feels connected and comfortable reaching out. Set check-in times to connect with the student so they can ask questions and troubleshoot any challenges that come up.

4) Create a virtual water cooler culture

Reinforcing a positive work culture and creating online opportunities to bond is key to successful student on-boarding.

Be sure to set-up informal virtual meetings with the team to keep the camaraderie alive and help your student feel like part of the team. Morning check-ins can help set the tone for the day and get the whole team in gear (i.e. out of pyjamas).

5) Establish expectations

Define clear goals and expectations right from the get-go by setting schedules and developing routines. Make an effort to check in about the progress of assigned tasks and provide clear and constructive feedback if you are concerned about the direction or pace of the projects.

For the first couple of weeks, check in with your student at the start and end of each day to see how they are coming along.

ISI Applications are Open Now!

If you are looking for financial help to bring a student on remotely, look no further than our ISI grant program!

The program has been extended and is now open to all companies in BC (not just tech companies!). We accept applications on first-come, first-served, rolling basis and grants are available for May 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021.

Apply now!

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