This year marks New Ventures BC’s 20th anniversary of supporting tech innovation in BC! Join us as we celebrate this milestone and reflect on the growth, achievements and relationships that shaped NVBC’s 20 years of impact.

Since 2000, New Ventures BC has recognized, encouraged, and developed entrepreneurship and innovation in BC’s growing tech ecosystem by providing top-notch seminars, mentorship, funding, and exposure for early-stage ventures.

We are celebrating our 20 years of impact by looking back at all the people — companies, mentors, volunteers, and alumni alike — that made these two decades so special.

This means highlighting not just our programs and the thousands of startups we’ve supported, but also our contribution to investment in economic growth and tech innovation in BC.

Throughout the year, we will be commemorating our legacy by hearing from our founders, top competitors, accelerator clients, ISI grant recipients and long-time supporters of New Ventures BC.

Sharing their stories, photos, and videos, we will look at where New Ventures BC has been and reflect on where we might be headed in the decades to come.

So stay tuned as we pull relics like these from the vault!

New Ventures BC programs: COVID-19 update