Top 25 Profile: ViewsIQ

ViewsIQ is a medical imaging company, focused on providing slide digitization solutions to clinical laboratories and academic institutions.

Top 25 Profile: Two Hat Security

Kelowna-based security company, Two Hat Security is in the business of making the world a safer place for online kids to grow up in.

Top 25 Profile: Spokal

Spokal is automating online marketing for small businesses and startups. By standardizing the process and automating the basics, Spokal eliminates the need for expensive consultants, ineffective do-it-yourself solutions, and time-consuming…

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Top 25 Profile: Scoop

Scoop provides field workers and managers a novel way to capture and collaborate on issues in real time using prescribed fields, pictures, video, voice and on-screen markups.

Top 25 Profile: Rigid Robotics

Rigid Robotics is an innovative robotics company providing integrated unmanned solutions for a range of industrial challenges.  

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