Colour Me Sustainable 

Lite-1 is transforming the colour industry with their cutting-edge approach to creating 100% sustainable colours, grown by microorganisms in a circular system. This groundbreaking method not only lessens water pollution, but also ensures the safety of workers and the ecosystem. Moreover, Lite-1’s revolutionary technology eliminates reliance on non-renewable resources, pushing the industry towards a more sustainable future.

The colour industry faces two primary problems. Firstly, the conventional colour production processes have caused severe environmental harm, particularly the textile dye sector, which contributes 20% of global wastewater and adversely impacts the health of workers and communities nearby facilities . By providing a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative, Lite-1 offers a way to mitigate this pollution and safeguard the environment and human well-being. Secondly, the industry has struggled to find an efficient and scalable replacement for conventional dyes that aligns with their sustainability objectives, which have been fueled by rising consumer demands, bans, and government mandates. Lite-1’s innovative approach addresses this challenge, offering customizable biofabricated microbial colour solutions to cater to diverse industries and their specific needs.

The significance of Lite-1’s solution lies in its potential to revolutionize an entire industry, transforming it from a major pollutant to an environmentally responsible and sustainable player. By utilizing amazing functions of microorganisms to produce colours, they’re creating a circular economy model that’s tackling the ecological issues and health hazards associated with traditional dye production methods.


Pilots, Partnerships, and Pitches

The Vancouver-based cleantech startup has made waves in the colour industry by launching pilots, securing funding, and winning major industry awards. 

They recently won a spot in the MaRS Women in Cleantech accelerator program, which not only provided the startup with valuable resources and connections, but also served as a testament to their potential in the industry. Additionally, they received a non-dilutive $30K grant from the Accelerate Nova Scotia Accelerator program and a $40K grant from the Greenshoots Accelerator program to scale-up their R&D efforts. Moreover, they were awarded a $22K IAC’s Women in IP grant, further highlighting their commitment to intellectual property development and strategy.

Lite-1 has also successfully formed strategic partnerships and embarked on significant pilot projects to bring their solution to market. They established a crucial partnership with the Verschuren Centre, a prominent Canadian manufacturing partner, to facilitate the scale-up production of their revolutionary dye, accessing a team of experienced scientists in the field supporting the scale-up R&D. They’ve also garnered strong interest from three major industry players who are eager to incorporate Lite-1’s sustainable dye solutions into their operations. Additionally, Lite-1 is  collaborating with two laboratories at Simon Fraser University, a significant step towards expanding their research and technological capabilities.

Lastly, Lite-1’s solution is being recognized across the globe through earned media and awards. They’ve been featured in media publications across Canada and the UK, were named to the prestigious Game Changer List, and most recently finished in second place at the Women Startup Pitch Competition — further cementing their position as a transformative force in the colour industry.


Pioneering a New Vertical

Lite-1’s primary goal is to create a new market segment by pioneering an innovative vertical that fuses science, design, and nature. They aspire to position Vancouver as a leader in the biodesign industry and believe that the NVBC platform will play a pivotal role in empowering novel ideas and forging this pathway. 

To achieve their objectives, Lite-1’s current priorities are centred around optimizing production yield, expanding their team with key hires, and forging essential partnerships with industry leaders. By focusing on these areas, they aim to accelerate their success, bring their products to the market, and positively impact both the environment and the well-being of workers. 



About the founders

Roya Aghighi: CEO & Co-Founder 

Fun Fact: Roya is a thrill-seeker who loves bungee jumping and skydiving. She’s always looking for the next rush and never backs down from a challenge!






Sarah Graham: CINO & Co-Founder

Fun Fact:  When Sarah hears the word “bacteria”, her eyes light up like fireworks because she’s fascinated by the microscopic world and the amazing things that bacteria can do! 







Location: Vancouver

Founded: 2022

Sector: Cleantech

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