Meet the 2023 Cohort of the IRAP Digital Marketing and Sales Accelerator 

Meet the newest cohort of our Digital Marketing and Sales Accelerator Program! During this program, these entrepreneurs received 8-weeks of mentorship sessions from our mentor team, Rochelle Grayson and Peter de Verteuil, who share decades of experiences in digital marketing, sales models, and marketing strategy.  Topics covered include how to increase their revenue, improve their marketing and overcome their obstacles to growth. The program will wrap-up in early 2024. 

CrewDriver is a specialised call-out management system, representing the next generation of workforce communication tools. Their product is an acclaimed on-call casual scheduling intelligence, accessible through an API and web app. CrewDriver alleviates the scheduling burden associated with casual and on-call shifts, automates compliance and audit log capture, and most importantly puts the relationship with the worker first.

Trading Terminal is on a mission to empower active retail traders by providing them with comprehensive software tools that enhance their market analysis, decision-making, and trading skills. The company offers a one-stop solution that includes real-time simulators, scanners, screeners, earning calendars, and various other tools, all provided free of charge. Through the Trading Terminal platform, retail traders can access high-quality data visualisation, practice opportunities, and essential news, allowing them to gain a clearer understanding of the market and make well-informed trading decisions.

Minivillage is a social purpose tech startup that empowers individuals to create their own network of trusted connections within their local community, fostering stronger relationships where people live, work, and enjoy recreational activities. With the tagline “Neighbours. Connected.”, our mission is to not only cultivate these local bonds but also to contribute to the overall strength and vitality of communities, neighbourhoods, and cities. Led by a passionate team of 15 individuals based in Vancouver, Minivillage is a homegrown startup, with most team members being alumni of the University of British Columbia (UBC). 

XYON Health is a forward-thinking digital health company aiming to revolutionise the market for health and vitality. XYON offers specialised telehealth services and cutting-edge consumer offerings, with a focus on hair regrowth solutions in the e-health and e-commerce space. XYON has successfully established a premium brand for men’s hair health, including exclusive topical formulations with patented SiloxysSystemTM technology. They have also recently entered the women’s hair regrowth space, offering unique solutions to the underserved women’s market. XYON’s technology-driven solutions are formulated by specialist physicians and developed in collaboration with world-leading manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality, safety, and effectiveness. 

Tactus Therapy develops speech therapy applications specifically designed to support the recovery of stroke survivors through intensive practice. Their apps offer professional-grade tools used by medical speech-language pathologists in hospitals and clinics worldwide for neuro-rehabilitationv. With Tactus Therapy apps, therapy becomes more flexible and convenient, allowing users to engage in effective therapeutic activities anytime, anywhere

Cared Upon is a comprehensive online directory and information portal for care services, catering to both those seeking care and those providing it. Their goal is to enhance the quality of life for older adults throughout Canada and  mission to equip seniors and their loved ones with a centralised hub of essential information, empowering them to make informed choices regarding care. The dedicated team at Cared Upon spans across British Columbia to Ontario, united by a  strong desire to develop a superior solution that will positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

Hengam is a Shopify partner that specialises in developing apps for the Shopify platform. They currently have three apps available on the Shopify store, which have garnered a significant user base. There are currently over 10,000 active stores utilising one of their services. United in their mission to empower Shopify stores and facilitate their business growth by delivering the very best solutions, Hengam is simplifying e-commerce with smart solutions.

Vivus Pets is a pet nutrition company dedicated to plant-based diets. They offer pet owners a genuine alternative, providing dogs with wholesome, animal-free, and natural food options that align with their own dietary restrictions and environmental values. Just as we prioritise our own nutrition, Vivus Pets believe in feeding dogs with the same level of care and consideration. Their  mission is to sustainably support the health and happiness of our furry companions by offering them the nutrition they need, coupled with the flavours they love.

Tickit Health is revolutionising organisational performance through the utilisation of Digital Empathy. This privately-held company was initially established with the aim of improving communication between patients and healthcare providers, but has since expanded its support to other populations. The company’s acclaimed flagship solution, TickitⓇ, improves data collection and communication with hard-to-reach groups.. By employing Digital Empathy, Tickit enhances organisational efficiency, leading to better decision-making through improved response rates and higher quality data.

Fintel Connect offers financial marketing solutions to help brands efficiently expand their digital reach and maximize cost-effectiveness with premier partner marketing solution tailored specifically for the financial sector. They’re driven by a mission to support the banking and financial ecosystem with tools and insights that will allow them to better reach future customers and deliver the right products to the right audiences in a compliant and cost-effective way. Their cutting-edge technology solutions are specifically designed to assist financial institutions in overcoming the most formidable growth obstacles. By leveraging their tools, these institutions can not only achieve their growth objectives but also surpass them, paving the way for sustained success.

Aidant leverages behaviour-recognition AI powered by genuine machine learning, surpassing mere pixel recognition. This revolutionary approach ensures precise security alerts and empowers real-time identification and response to behavioural events. With Aidant, users gain invaluable insights into the flow of foot traffic within one’s business, enabling strategic allocation of employees and products to maximise their value at optimal times. Moreover, AiDANT equips their users  with a deeper understanding of their customers, enhanced asset protection, and unlocks the untapped potential for  companies to achieve exceptional performance beyond their expectations.

Ginger Desk is a specialised virtual assistant service catering to health practitioners, offering invaluable support in growing, establishing, and expanding their health practices, one task at a time. By integrating a dedicated Ginger Desk virtual assistant into one’s practice, users can enhance workflow efficiency, optimise your time allocation, reduce overhead costs, and significantly increase your earning potential.Their team comprises highly skilled and extensively trained Virtual Administrative Assistants who have undergone rigorous vetting processes. They also possess the expertise to seamlessly handle administrative tasks, provide assistance to patients, and efficiently manage one’s team.


This program is delivered by New Ventures BC, with funding support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP).

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