Peace of Mind

SkiKrumb Trackers is a GPS tracker solution designed to address the problem of children getting separated from their parents at ski resorts. With millions of visits to ski resorts each year, kids between the ages of 5 and 10 often lack cellphones, making it easy for them to become lost or disoriented on the slopes.

To mitigate this concern, skiKrumb Trackers utilize advanced long-range technology to provide seamless communication between children and their parents within the ski resort. By leveraging this innovative system, skiKrumb Trackers offer peace of mind to both parents and children during their skiing adventures.

The challenging ski hill environment poses limitations for traditional technologies like cell and Bluetooth coverage, which are often inadequate for locating lost children. Additionally, not all children have cellphones, and the batteries may not be reliable in cold temperatures. In contrast, skiKrumb Trackers provide reliable long-range location tracking without relying on the cellular network, ensuring efficient and effective communication.


Ready for Revenue

SkiKrumb Tracker has established itself as a leading provider of ski resort tracking solutions. The company has dedicated substantial efforts to refine both their hardware and software, ensuring optimal performance and user experience. By doing so, they’re poised to generate revenue during the upcoming winter season.

SkiKrumb has already secured its first official ski resort for the 2023/24 season, marking a significant step towards widespread adoption of their technology. Last year, the company successfully developed its custom prototype hardware, which was deployed at a prominent ski resort in Interior British Columbia. This endeavour paved the way for a promising partnership as the startup is currently in the final stages of securing a contract with the resort.

Looking ahead, SkiKrumb’s primary focus is to secure two additional ski resorts in British Columbia for the upcoming season, expanding their total reach to four. Additionally, the Okanagan startup plans to collaborate with resorts during their mountain biking season this summer to further diversify their offerings. To support these efforts, SkiKrumb is actively engaged in raising their first round of capital to fuel their rapid expansion.


Bear With Me

SkiKrumb Tracker is approaching this year’s Competition by embodying the tenacity and traits of a sun bear. With 20 years of experience running Big Bear Software, CEO Keith McIntyre and his team utilize bear analogies to describe their projects. The sun bear may be docile, but it possesses sharp teeth for tearing meat (or competitors!), symbolizing their aggressive approach when needed. Despite being a tech company focused on winter, they relate to the sun bear as their home hill, Apex Mountain, is where the team goes to catch sunshine during cloudy Okanagan winters. 



About the Founder


Keith MacIntyre, : CEO & Founder

Fun Fact: Keith’s nickname in University was Big Bear (because of his love for the cheap malt liquor of the same name) and named his software company after it!





Location: Westbank

Founded: 2020

Sector: GPS Tracking

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