Full Service Storytelling

No Story Lost (NSL) is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in helping families capture and preserve the stories and memories of their loved ones. Founded in 2020, the startup offers full-service support to help customers document the life stories of their parents and other family members. NSL handles everything from start to finish, including: conducting and transcribing interviews, writing the stories, designing the layout with client-approved photos, and printing the finished product.

The end result is a beautifully crafted coffee table book that serves as a family keepsake that can be cherished and passed down through generations — helping families connect with their past and preserve their heritage.

In Western society, families can become disconnected from their parents as they grow up and move out. There are limited opportunities to deepen relations and capture stories, and attempting to undertake this task alone can be overwhelming and time-consuming. No Story Lost solves these challenges by providing an accessible and streamlined process for discovering and documenting the life stories of parents, making it easier for families to create a lasting record of their heritage.


Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

No Story Lost has successfully captured the stories of over 100 families, leaving a lasting impact on their customers. Many of these families hold their personalized books as one of their most cherished possessions — reflecting the high-value of NSL’s services. 

No Story Lost measures their success through ‘the tears of happiness’ shed by their satisfied clients. The positive vibes permeate throughout the company culture, as the team’s heightened creativity, optimistic approach, and increased productivity are the direct result of their commitment to an enjoyable and fulfilling work environment. 

Telling Their Own Story

No Story Lost enters this year’s competition looking to raise awareness about their mission and brand, while also tapping into potential funding and mentorship support to bring their strategy to life. The startup recognizes the importance of articulating their strategy and hopes to gain a higher-level perspective on their business, opposed to being solely focused on day-to-day operations and growth.

While the team at No Story Lost has extensive experience with B2B partnerships and operations, venturing into the realm of direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales through digital advertising presents a new challenge. As you can imagine, they’re approaching this endeavor with enthusiasm and excitement as it gives them a chance to do what they do best — tell a story. 




About the founders

Andrew Hall, Co-Founder 

Fun Fact: Competed on Canada’s Smartest Person in 2017





Jeremy Bryant, Co-Founder

Fun Fact: Won the 2018 Sub Elite Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, TX. 









Cheat Sheet

City: Vancouver

Founded: 2020

Sector: AI

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