Changing The Status Quo

Proxima HQ is a turnkey B2B SaaS application that offers a comprehensive solution to tackle the challenges faced in presenting and selling pre-sale real estate projects. With Proxima HQ, property developers can embrace a new era of digital marketing to effectively showcase and market their projects without the need for a physical sales centre.

Compatible with touchscreens, desktops, and mobile devices, Proxima HQ seamlessly integrates with existing sales tech stacks, offering a versatile digital sales centre accessible at users’ fingertips. Their centralized web application consolidates all marketing materials and streamlines sales opportunities, while significantly reducing the time, cost, and physical clutter associated with traditional marketing approaches.

Proxima’s competitive and efficient features empower property developers to stay ahead in the fast-paced real estate market, accelerating their success and maximizing their profitability.



Poised for Global Growth

Since being founded in 2022, the Vancouver-based startup has already achieved significant milestones, including securing nearly $1 million in pre-seed funding — validating investor confidence in Proxima’s vision and potential. Their growing client base has not only contributed to revenue generation, but also validated the market demand for Proxima’s innovative solution.

The dedicated team behind Proxima HQ, as well as the key partnership they’ve established, have played an integral role in driving the startup’s expansion. This includes the imminent launch of the company’s inaugural project in the United States, which signifies the first stride towards global expansion.

Looking ahead, the proptech startup has a two-pronged approach to growth. Firstly, Proxima is strategically investing in the development of a robust and highly efficient backend infrastructure. This technology forms the bedrock of their operation and is crucial for supporting ambitious scaling objectives. Additionally, proactive efforts are already underway to establish integrative channel partner relationships and secure deals that will enhance their market presence and widen their reach. 


A Competition Chameleon

To get the most out of this year’s competition and continue their rapid growth, the proptech startup will embrace the traits and qualities of a chameleon.

Adaptability and Agility: Just like a chameleon, Proxima HQ possesses the ability to adjust and adapt quickly to changes in the competition’s dynamic environment, ensuring they can swiftly respond to any challenges or opportunities that arise.

Exceptional Vision: Similar to a chameleon’s eyes that can look in different directions simultaneously, Proxima HQ maintains a holistic, multi-directional view of the market. This enables them to spot and seize opportunities from various angles, giving them a competitive edge.

Blending Seamlessly: Like the chameleon’s ability to blend into its surroundings, Proxima HQ seamlessly integrates into the existing real estate tech landscape. They complement and enhance the ecosystem by understanding and assimilating industry trends and customer needs.

Swift and Precise Solutions: Emulating the chameleon’s quick and precise tongue, the proptech startup gathers wisdom and knowledge from their surroundings to swiftly provide the necessary insights and strategies to excel in the competition.

Thriving in the Competitive Landscape: Just as a chameleon dominates its environment, Proxima HQ’s strategy enables them to thrive in the competitive landscape of the New Ventures BC Competition. They’ll utilize all of their chameleon-like traits to adapt, excel, and emerge as a standout contender in the competition.

Although chameleons also have the ability to seamlessly blend into their environment, Proxima’s strategy, ambition, and success to date have proven that they’re a startup that plans to stand out from the crowd — in this competition, and beyond. 



About the founders

Leon Ng, Founder & CEO

Fun Fact: He used to be in a breakdancing crew.







Zhong-Yan Chen, Co-Founder 

Fun Fact: Belting out Bohemian Rhapsody at karaoke is her favourite pastime.







Jack Ong, Advisor 

Fun Fact: He gets weirdly excited about database design.




Cheat Sheet

City: Vancouver

Founded: 2022

Sector: Proptech

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