Building an Ecosystem of Accessibility

joni is a 21st-century period care brand that’s increasing access to sustainable menstrual products. With their cutting-edge commercial dispensers and environmentally friendly offerings, the Victoria-based startup aims to ensure that everyone who menstruates can easily obtain the products they need. Through their online platform, joni serves thousands of customers, while also partnering with over 400 retailers and hundreds of public washrooms, including at airports, universities, municipal buildings, and hotels.

Recognizing the financial barriers faced by many — especially those under the age of 25 — joni is committed to increasing accessibility. In Canada, where over 9 million people menstruate, 1 in 3 individuals in this age group struggle to afford period care. By offering modern, eco-friendly options, joni seeks to bridge the gap in period care innovation and enable individuals to access period care easily and conveniently. 

As a socially conscious enterprise, joni goes beyond its core business by donating 5% of its revenues. This commitment has resulted in over 110,000 product donations to numerous non-profit organizations across the country, furthering their mission to support those in need.


A National Impact

joni is making a national impact by revolutionizing accessible period care in public washrooms across Canada. Their Canadian-designed, patent-pending commercial dispenser is being rolled out in hundreds of washrooms across the country, addressing the prevalent issue of broken or empty dispensers. Additionally, joni has achieved a significant milestone as the only Canadian disposable brand available in retail stores nationwide.

The B2B stream holds substantial opportunities for the femtech startup, both in terms of revenue and social impact. With federal legislation requiring regulated businesses to provide menstrual care in the workplace, joni offers a complete turn-key solution.

Despite not relying on advertising, they have a robust sales funnel and believe in scaling with the right partners and support. Through their innovative products and commitment to accessibility, joni aims to continue growing and making a meaningful difference throughout the country.


Getting Better Every Day

After laying a strong foundation for growth over the past three years, joni hopes to use this year’s competition to increase their exposure, access support, and raise funds. The valuable feedback received from judges has already been instrumental in their progress as they seek continued guidance to accelerate their growth and establish themselves as a leading brand in the industry.

A recent pitch competition in Chicago provided joni with a unique opportunity for growth. Initially receiving feedback that their pitch wasn’t resonating as intended, they took a bold approach and stayed up late to completely overhaul their presentation. The end result — they delivered their best pitch to date and emerged victorious amongst a pool of high-growth startups. This experience reinforced joni’s ethos of perseverance and continuously pushing forward.


About the founders

Linda Biggs, Co-founder & Co-CEO 

Fun Fact: Linda was named as a Top 25 Woman of Influence earlier this year.






Jayesh Vekariya, Co-founder & Co-CEO 

Fun Fact: Jayesh is a natural-born entrepreneur and founded his first company at the age of 12, purveying consumer goods on the side of the road in India.




Cheat Sheet

City: Victoria

Founded: 2019

Sector: FemTech

Top 25 Spotlight: Eigen Fitness