Hyper-Personalized Training

Eigen Fitness is a pioneering virtual personal training platform that revolutionizes the way personal trainers and clients interact. By utilizing advanced 3D motion capture wearables known as Eigen Nodes, Eigen Fitness bridges the gap between in-person and virtual training. The wearables allow clients to receive real-time guidance during their workouts, including AI-powered injury detection and personalized weight suggestions for each set. The key data captured by the Eigen Nodes is transmitted to personal trainers, helping them create highly effective and personalized training programs for their clients.


The Vancouver-based startup addresses the common challenge faced by many gym-goers who want accountability and live feedback during their workouts, but can’t afford the high costs associated with traditional personal training. Current virtual personal training lacks the ability for trainers to monitor remote clients and for clients to receive immediate feedback — a critical gap that Eigen is filling. By providing live feedback to clients during their workouts and enabling trainers to track and analyze performance data remotely, Eigen Fitness empowers clients to achieve their fitness goals faster while enjoying substantial cost savings of up to 75% compared to traditional personal training methods.


Kick(starting) Into High Gear

It took roughly an hour for Eigen Fitness to realize they had something special on their hands. Within the first 70 minutes of going live on Kickstarter, the company had surpassed its initial goal of raising $10k. In total, Eigen raised an impressive $112k in pre-orders, which included orders from more than 300 customers. 

Eigen’s also attracted the attention of significant B2B partners, who recognize the potential of their technology in quantifying human motion for various applications. The software team, which has seen three recent additions, is currently in the final stages of completing the company’s Personal Trainer software that’s expected to be finalized by the end of June. Furthermore, Eigen Fitness is anticipating the arrival of its first manufactured run of Eigen Nodes in August.

Looking further ahead, Eigen Fitness is focused on onboarding paid clients and aims to achieve $5k-$10k monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by the end of September. With eight paid clients already committed and seven more expressing interest, their client base is steadily growing and they hope to use this year’s Competition to pour more gasoline on the fire by increasing their local exposure, connecting with other startups, and accessing valuable pitch support from their mentors. 


A Solid Foundation for a Winding Journey

Eigen President and Co-Founder, Zach Higgins, gained invaluable experience through his first job as the President of the UBC Residence Hall Association. Leading a large organization with a significant budget allowed him to develop essential skills in team leadership, task delegation, human resources, and finance – all of which are vital in running a startup. However, he acknowledges that while this role provided a solid foundation, entrepreneurship is a unique journey that requires continuous learning and adaptability. No single job can fully prepare someone for the complexities of being a founder, but the experience he gained from his first meaningful job has already paid dividends as he leads a rapidly growing startup. 


About the founders

Zach Higgins, President & Co-Founder

Fun Fact: Zach is taller than the average North American door frame.






Connor Holowachuk, CEO & Co-Founder

Fun Fact: Connor is much shorter than the average North American door frame.





Cheat Sheet

City: Vancouver

Founded: 2019

Sector: Fitness Tech


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