Making spaces safer and cleaner through light-based technology

UVX helps businesses reduce infection transmission risk through innovative light-based technology. The team has developed the world’s first intelligent ceiling device that continuously kills pathogens within seconds. Their technology, called Far-UVC, is a wavelength in the UV light spectrum that is safe for humans but deadly for bacteria and viruses. Safety is ensured using patented optical filters that only emit safe light. As such, their technology disinfects both air and surfaces, even when humans are present in the room. The UVX devices are six times more effective than chemical disinfection and up to ten times more effective than air purifiers with HEPA filters.

UVX reducing disease and infection transmission

Infectious diseases have always been a problem, and COVID-19 only highlighted the need for new solutions in infection prevention and control. Pre-COVID-19, infectious diseases killed 17M people annually (that’s half of Canada, every year). Even the places typically deemed to be the safest, like hospitals, aren’t so safe. Healthcare acquired infections result in $30 billion in direct medical costs in the US, every year. Until now, there has been no single solution that disinfects both air and surfaces, continuously, and automatically. UVX exists to solve this problem. Unlike other disinfectant approaches, UVX devices provide continuous disinfection even when humans are present, offering a preventative solution, rather than just a reactive one. 

Scientists around the world have validated UVX’s technology as safe and effective, along with notable universities like UBC and Columbia University. Studies show the technology is safe for human exposure and makes indoor air just as safe as outdoor air. The World Health Organization (WHO) also recognized the technology as “the way forward for disinfection”. 

Team poised for future growth and expansion

In a short time, UVX has achieved significant milestones on their way to growth and widespread adoption. In just one year, UVX has secured global access to the IP through a strategic partnership, built a $2.3 million sales pipeline through LOIs and RFQs, and partnered with the UBC Faculty of Medicine (Division of Infectious Diseases), UBC Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, and UBC School of Nursing. Also in this time, the team has started paid pilots with commercial-ready prototypes (hardware and software designs completed), and was recognized as Canada’s most impactful and investable early-stage healthcare startup in a national challenge co-hosted by TELUS and Spring.

With their product design completed, UVX’s main focus is getting ready for commercialization. After winning the Canada-wide TELUS & Spring Investor Challenge in June 2022, the team launched their pre-seed round. This investment will go towards certification, manufacturing, and fulfilling a large proportion of their $2.3 million sales pipeline.

When asked for the best business advice they've ever received, CEO Kunal Sethi brings up the company's “just do it!” mindset. "It’s very easy to get caught up in analysis-paralysis, especially on trivial matters. We often ask ourselves, “what’s the worst that could happen?” If the worst possible outcome is not so bad, just do it! You never know what doors one application or cold email could open."

About the founders

Kunal Sethi, CEO & Co-founder 

  • Education: UBC Applied Science (Engineering)
  • Fun Fact: Multi-lingual, including fluency in Swahili




Saimir Sulaj, CTO & Co-founder

  • Education: UBC Applied Science (Engineering)
  • Fun Fact: Full-time founder, part-time guitar busker





Cheat sheet

  • City: Vancouver
  • Founding date: September 2020 
  • Type of tech: Healthcare

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