Next-gen electric bicycles, made to order

Fingerprint is transforming the e-mobility landscape by building the world’s most sustainable electric vehicle. The company has created a new category of bicycle – the electronic cycle. It feels like a bicycle to use, but has the sophistication, ease of use and dependability of an electric car. Made to order, each product is personalized and manufactured from beginning to end in Vancouver. The company plans to distribute to selected retailers across BC, and plans to ship its first products to consumers in Q1 2023.

Tackling climate change one e-bicycle at a time

In the 1950’s and 60’s cars were cheap, but difficult to use and unreliable. They needed constant care and maintenance. This problem still plagues the current format of bikes and e-bikes.

Fingerprint envisions a near future where high-performance electronic bicycles become the most convenient way to travel distances of up to 10 kilometers, all while reducing congestion, journey times, and travel costs. Using this technology also produces healthier commuters and zero emissions. 

Having more capable micro-mobility products is essential to the future of Canada's clean-energy transition, especially as Canadian household currently have 10 million excess cars and trucks parked outside. At the same time, the average cost of electric cars rose to $69,500 in 2022, making them unaffordable for many people.

Retailers gearing up for distribution

Fingerprint is currently exploring reselling opportunities with a range of premium e-bike sellers in BC. Many retailers are excited about the idea of offering a high-end, locally made product, and are gearing up to carry the Fingerprint Electronic Cycle. This includes two of Vancouver's largest e-bike retailers who have offered to help validate the product and see it successfully enter the market.

As a product design company, Fingerprint is currently operating ‘stealth’ mode, and will continue to work on their design and technology without disclosing details until patents and design IP have been secured. This presents a challenge when competing in start-up competitions. However, the company took home the Top Idea award from the 2022 Coast Capital Venture Prize competition, giving the team the confidence to accelerate their plans and take part in this year’s NVBC competition. The team hopes to grow brand awareness within the BC investment community by taking part.

Local production and distribution ahead for local brand

Building personalized products to order means having to condense the supply, manufacturing, and distribution system into an efficient process – one that can fit all the steps within a compact Vancouver factory. The current focus is on identifying strategic suppliers and partners who have the required expertise and infrastructure in place, who can help Fingerprint to build end-to-end capabilities more quickly.

About the founder

Anthony King, CEO & Founder

  • Education: Chartered, Master of Engineering (University of Manchester, UK), Diplomas in Economics (London School of Economics, UK) and Strategy & Innovation (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Fun Fact: I hand-built and welded my first prototype out of steel tubes in 2017, but it took so long that I realised that I had to invent a better way!


Cheat sheet: 

  • City: Vancouver, BC
  • Founding date: 24 January, 2022 
  • Type of tech: Electric Vehicle 

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