The future of giving, for those who need it most.

Geenees is a social gifting platform, granting wishes for families in need. They work with nonprofits and charities, inviting families to create anonymous wish lists of essential items and services, which are then purchased by the donors and delivered to the families directly.

The company leverages affiliate partnerships with local retailers and service providers as well as Amazon to deliver and sponsor their product and growth, while 100% of the donations go to the families. 

Geenees is on a mission to change the way people give, by creating true, emotional connections between donors and families, while giving nonprofits a better way to engage new donors and easily facilitate contactless donations.

The company was named as part of the Top 12 at Pitch for the Purse 2020 and Top 20 at the Campbell River 2021. Geenees is the first product and service donations platform for those who need it most.

The company was named as part of the Top 12 at Pitch for the Purse 2020 and Top 20 at the Campbell River 2021. Geenees is the first product and service donations platform focusing on those who need it most.

Solving problems for nonprofits, families, and donors

Nonprofits can struggle to attract and engage new donors, spending too much of their time and money on a manual donation process. On Geenees, they get listed to engage new types of donors, and easily facilitate an efficient and contactless donation process.

Donors often want the ability to donate more than just cash, allowing them a means to feel the impact of their donations. On Geenees, they gift products, groceries, dental and educational services directly to families of their choice. Receiving a personal thank you note for their donation. 

Families in need often ask for donations on social media, revealing their identities, and hindering their ability to ask for specific items or services. On Geenees, they receive donations of items they truly need, while remaining anonymous and keeping their dignity.

Organic growth and community engagement

To date, Geenees has granted wishes to over 400 families, giving them access to direct donations of essential items and services. In addition to the above-mentioned success, the company has hit several milestones, including:

  • Being featured on The Giveback Economy, Financial Post, Product Hunt, Globes and mail, Techouver and Baystbull, Impact investment podcast and more.
  • Partnering with 7 local Canadian businesses (six of which are women-led) to allow for their products and services to be given through Geenees.
  • Raising over 615K in equity crowdfunding: well over 240% of their funding goal.  

Partnership for giving

Currently Geenees is focusing on creating new partnerships and expanding operations in North America to grant wishes for those who need it most. Given the impacts of COVID-19, many families across the world are in need of assistance. Geenees aims to fulfill their vision and create a meaningful, contactless, and direct way to give. 

The company sees the New Ventures BC Competition as a means to expand their reach, find partners and community sponsors, and gain expert mentorship. Additionally, the opportunity for funding will allow them to scale their impact and empower the development of new jobs as well as supporting local businesses.

From military officer to CTO

Geenees CEO Libi Berenson doesn’t fit the mould of a typical startup cofounder. 

“I was a military officer for 4 years, which set me up for leadership in the best way possible.” 

When asked about how her background influences her current venture, she notes: “being responsible for people’s professional and personal lives as well as their mental and physical health in some very challenging situations has made me resilient, adaptive, and always moving forward. Additionally, my previous role as director of operations at KOHO was crucial in preparing me for a fast-paced startup experience. I love what I do and I enjoy the journey every day!”

About the founders

Libi Berenson | Co-Founder & CEO

  • Education: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Industrial and management Engineering, Major in information systems
  • Fun Fact: When I retire I will open my animal rescue sanctuary



Sergei Berenson | Co-Founder & CTO

  • Education: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.),
  • Fun Fact: A huge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast!



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Cheat sheet

  • City: Delta, BC
  • Founding date: October 2019 (the new Geenees social platform)

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