Almost everything uses electricity, from electric vehicles to most of the devices in our homes. To ensure a healthier and more sustainable future, Daanaa Resolution Inc.  delivers more power from solar panels directly into devices at home. Their chip-based solar power transfer system brings energetic freedom and safety to communities, without wires. 

No wires, more power

Daanaa’s power transfer system is the most efficient way to generate power, and transmit it to anything from light consumer electronics to electric vehicles and more. In a traditional solar panel, the power cells are connected in series. But in Daanaa’s integrated system, the cells work in parallel to get maximum output from each cell, dramatically increasing power, making solar panels feasible where they’d otherwise be impossible to install. Their power transfer system can simultaneously power multiple devices with various power needs over 25cm wirelessly, even through concrete. They see this technology changing the world.

Where the Competition fits in

As a past prize winner and mentor of the New Ventures BC Competition, presented by Innovate BC, CEO Udi Daon is a firm believer in the value of the program. He believes his team has the rigor and diligence required to successfully move through all the competition stages, and can’t wait to take advantage of the mentorship component.

Do something you love

Daon’s first meaningful job was a team leader at a playground installation company in Israel. He saw the value firsthand in doing work that has a positive impact on people’s wellbeing. There, he learned when you do something you love, you will be good at it. And he’s bringing that philosophy to the table every day at Daanaa.

From charging vehicles to powering houses

In 5 years, Daanaa’s technology will allow houses to ‘skip the grid’, making homes completely energetically independent. Through their efficient power transfer system, Daanaa can increase the global availability of renewable energy. It does this by increasing energy production, eliminating faults and reducing installation and maintenance costs. 

About the founders

Udi Daon | BSc, CEO 

Udi Daon is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He is also a board member and mentor with more than 60 patents worldwide, with achievements in medical Devices, augmented reality and AI products. He has experience from ideation and customer discovery though extensive IP and inventive product development, fund raising, licensing and sales, as well as culture building and growth.

Soroush Dehghani |PhD. Founder, VP R&D

Sorough Dehghani has a PhD in Electronics from UBC. His final thesis was on CMOS Circuits for RF Energy Harvesting Applications. Soroush is an expert in harvesting energy from the air, and has designed several integrated circuits. Prior to his PhD, Soroush designed commercial ultrasonic sensors

Javad Shariatzadeh | MSc, PhD candidate, Engineering Lead 

Javad Shariatzadeh has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from UBC, and is a current UBC PhD Candidate. Prior to Daanaa, Javad managed R&D, design and manufacturing processes of Unmanned Ground Vehicles for smart agriculture applications. Javad is a silver medalist in the international Astrophysics and astronomy Olympiad.

Daanaa Resolution Inc. is located in Vancouver, B.C.

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