Manage Petro is a back-office software that syncs with a cloud server to streamline the daily operations of fuel delivery companies by making it paperless, automated, and error-free. Fuel management systems require important daily tasks that can be time-consuming and hard to keep track of. Manage Petro’s software consolidates invoicing, daily work orders, dispatching, fleet management, maintenance management, fuel forecasting and more to one platform while monitoring your deliveries and inventory in real-time. With their powerful dashboard, owners and managers are able to keep their eyes and ears on all parts of their business at any time helping to reduce loss, increase profit and operational efficiency.

Interview with Ali Tavanayan, CEO and Project Manager

What we do

We are solving one of the biggest problems in the fuel delivery industry with a company’s operations with a more efficient, profitable and streamlined end to end process.

Fuel delivery companies have to deliver hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel to hundreds of clients, every day. Managers oversee invoicing, loss detection, payment collection, deliveries and more. Making it difficult to pinpoint where improvements can be made. Our software is a cloud-based management tool including a mobile app that gives managers and owners insight into all aspects of their business in one simple dashboard. They are able to automate tasks and create reports with the data they are collecting through our software. We help companies identify opportunities to increase their operational efficiency by finding lost inventory, removing human error in manual entry and changing it to a more automated organization. Our software takes care of it all!

Key accomplishments

In 2018 we were accepted into WaveFront’s acceleration program (BC Tech) and Rocket Builders Go To Market (GTM) program (BC). That same year, we also received support from the Government of Canada through their Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) and Scientific Research and Experimental Development incentive (SR&ED) and became an Eligible Business Corporation (EBC) for investors in the province of British Columbia.

We’ve been named to Rocket Builder’s Emerging Rocket list (ICT) 2019 and due to our success, we’ve been invited to exhibit four times at US and Canadian trade shows. There’s a lot our growing team is proud of!

Five years from now…

We hope to be moving towards our exit strategy. Our goal is to merge or be acquired by an enterprise level company already in the fuel delivery industry.

Why the New Ventures BC Competition

We wanted to enter the New Ventures BC Competition to bring Manage Petro to the next level through mentorship and opportunities to secure funding. New Ventures will raise our profile in BC and help us find other key partnerships for more capital. And of course, we came to win.

Best advice you’ve ever received…

Never make decisions just based on your assumptions. Always quantify them with actual client feedback and gain industry insight from professionals on your team. Then start selling right from the beginning and don’t delay. A startup that isn’t selling is a dead startup. The sooner you can start raising money the sooner you can grow big. I’ve learned that what got me here initially isn’t going to get me to the final stage. You have to try new things in every milestone of the design and production.

About the Founder

Ali Tavanayan | CEO and Project Manager

Ali Tavanayan is a serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in project management, software programming, e-commerce, product development, leadership and technical writing. Ali got his bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering in 1997, studied e-commerce in Master’s level in London, UK in 2002 and received a Project Management certificate from BCIT in 2007.

He worked with a POS software development company for 4 years, before starting TEI Web Solutions in 2008.

Prior to Manage Petro, Ali founded the Vancouver Joomla, Symfony and Magento Technical User Groups in 2009. As Drupal got more popular in Vancouver, TEI developed their own SaaS cloud solution called UDI-HUB™, based on Drupal 8’s core framework, Symfony. As a result, Ali founded the Vancouver Symfony User Group while his team redeveloped his product in Symfony. 

He hired his first employee in 2009, and now he runs a team of 12 professional web developers & designers in their North Vancouver office.

In February 2016, Ali changed his focus on a Fluid Delivery Management cloud-based solution and it’s mobile app called “Manage Petro”.

Manage Petro is located in North Vancouver, BC.


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