Kranked Bikes brings a new and powerful experience to your mountain biking adventures. They design, produce and sell high-performance electric mountain bike motor kits. Using their proprietary, patent-pending technology, Kranked Bikes turns your expensive, well-loved mountain bike into a new ride by simply attaching a powerful electric motor.

Interview with Chang Han, CSO

What we do

We are giving mountain bikers a new and unparalleled experience for their wildest adventures. Our high-performance motor kits give riders the opportunity to explore different terrain with power you can’t get from a manual bike. Our motors are engineered to take you uphill the same way you’d ride downhill or cross-country.

Key accomplishments

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the mountain biking industry and we are proud to have our products trademarks in Canada, the US, and the EU. We’ve sold 25 prototype and beta motor kit systems and expect to sell more in the next five years. Each year, as demand grows, we are diligent about  updating our business plan. Our Kranked videos have also gone viral, reaching over 14.3 million views!

Five years from now…

In five years, our high-performance electric motor will be available in every retail bike shop in North America and Europe along with directly via our  e-commerce website. We are also developing an “every day” consumer electric motor for commuters that will be distributed through big-box retail stores and rented through leading bike share companies.

Why the New Ventures BC Competition

Participating in the New Ventures BC Competition gives us the exposure we need to raise awareness and increase demand for our electric motors and the prize money will help purchase the necessary inventory. This will open up our pipeline to  new store and the bike store distribution network in Canada, USA and then the rest of Europe. Stocking inventory is a pain point for retail bicycle stores. Our hope is to see a Kranked electric motor on every high-performing mountain bike in the world.

The best advice I’ve ever received….

Patience. Although the team acts with urgency, we’ve learned time and time again that the best strategy is to be patient. Putting this advice into practice allowed us to survive the Toys R Us bankruptcy when we choose to sell manual Kranked bikes with them. We also learned a big lesson about who we should be targeting when we started selling manual Kranked bikes on Amazon. It took some patience, but it became apparent that our primary target  is the high-end mountain biker and not the daily consumer.


About the Founders

Bjorn Enga | Founder and CEO

Bjorn produced the Kranked mountain bike film series, which sold 300,000 DVD’s and obtained over 14 million youtube views.

Chang Han | CSO

Chang co-founded 4 startups in the past 11 years. Prior to his dive into the startup world, he actively managed 473 trademarks & 14 patents as legal counsel on intellectual property at Standard Chartered Bank.

Contact Info



Twitter: @Kranked

Instagram: @Krankedbikes


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