GT Water Machines closes the gap between large wastewater companies and small brewing system providers by offering specialized machines that divert waste and increase profits. Their customers are craft brewers. While they spend time working on their craft, GT Water Machines devices are making sure brewers don’t waste any money in the process. They use the brewery’s wastewater to identify where waste occurs to provide feedback on their processes and make recommendations to improve the bottom line results of brewers. 

Interview with Trevor Harmon, President and Founder 

What we do

We work with those dedicated to their craft. While craft brewers spend time dreaming up the next tasty beverage, we spend our time looking over their shoulders to make sure brewers can pocket more of their profits. We take one of their most frustrating issues (wastewater) and turn it into useful feedback that can help these craft brewers save money in the long run. Products like the Whirlpress 100 were designed specifically to solve these issues. The Whirlpress 100 removes unwanted solids from the wort (the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer). The unwanted solids can be directed for farms with spent grains, reducing the sewer load to increase your brewing efficiency. 

Key accomplishments

Dealing with wastewater in a brewing environment is a common issue with brewers. We were able to identify the pain associated with the accepted methods of handling wastewater and set forth to develop processes and equipment that turned a problem into a way for breweries to return a profit to their bottom line. Our products were built specifically for craft breweries. We are excited to have some of BC’s leading brands testing our solutions and can’t wait to expand our offerings to all 8,000 breweries across North America.

Five years from now…

GT Water Machines will become the trusted source for wastewater solutions for all craft brewers in North America. Brewers hate the established norm of dealing with their current wastewater and we’ve heard all the complaints in the book. There’s a better way to deal with wastewater and in five years, we hope to see our solution become the new normal. 

Why the New Ventures BC Competition

The short answer? There are prizes totaling over $250,000!  All jokes aside, after jumping in, I looked at the other companies participating, utilized the resources provided by NVBC, and realized the path is more valuable than the destination. That being said, we still intend to be in the bell round.

The best advice I’ve ever received….

JUST START! It would be disrespectful and difficult to narrow this down to the  “best” piece of advice I’ve received over the years. If I had to mention one, it would be Bob Parson’s 16 Rules of life. Some of the most impact 5 minutes I’ve ever spent.   


About the Founder

Trevor Harmon | President and Founder

Originally from North Carolina, Trevor graduated from the University of Victoria in 2005 with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Passionate about building great products, with effective designs and talented people, Trevor has lead both small startup teams of 4 people to teams of +100 at industry leading companies. His current project, GT Water Machines, grew out of a garage therapy moment. He was reflecting on experiences in wastewater and brewing environments when Trevor said “There has to be a better way..”


GT Water Machines is located in Victoria, BC.


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