Video reviews sell it better. It is getting increasingly competitive in the retail e-commerce space and companies need unique solutions to drive conversions. The world is moving to video but many e-commerce retail still sits in the dark ages with anonymous text reviews. One single video review can tell an authentic product story that builds awareness, confidence, brand trust and conversions. StoryTap’s video technology automates and empowers marketers to collect, distribute, and monetize their video content at scale.

Interview with Bernadette Butler, CEO and Co-founder 

What we do

One of the biggest problems with collecting video is that most people don’t know where to start. We make it painless. By providing consumers with custom story thought starters, all they do is fill in the blanks with their own authentic story. Our team felt it was important to keep the front end  recording experience as simple as possible, so consumers record on their own device; no special apps needed. And that’s it! The front end experience is built to be simple and easy where consumers can record a video review from anywhere. 

Key accomplishments

Since StoryTap began, we have participated in two of the world’s leading accelerator programs: Techstars (Anywhere 2018) & Lazaridis Scale Up (Wilfrid Laurier University). We quickly launched the first ever enterprise video review platform and now have a patent pending for our unique video recording experience. We are proud to be working with brands like Canadian Tire, TedX, UCLA and more. 

Our biggest challenge

As a bootstrapped company, the biggest challenge we faced was learning as fast as possible while keeping the lights on. We’ve had to create a repeatable sales process all with a very limited budget and resources. Finding a market fit for our product was essential to our success.

Five years from now….

Five years from now you’ll see video reviews on every retail product page and in every consumer buying journey, thanks to StoryTap’s video technology. In the near future we will be raising funds, growing our team and continuing to invest in R&D. As brands transition from written to video reviews, we’ll take a significant share of the software review industry. With a solid product, growing client base and validation from leading accelerators, StoryTap is set for rapid growth!

Why the New Ventures BC Competition?

We are a leading new venture here in BC and we want everyone to know! Winning the New Ventures BC Competition would give us the platform to share our product and disrupt the billion dollar software review industry. 

About the founders

Bernadette Butler | CEO & Co-founder

Bernadette Butler has twenty years of experience in advertising, working with some of the greatest brands of our time. With two ads on the World’s Funniest Reel, Bernadette is the CEO and Co-founder of a Techstars Company, StoryTap is reinventing retail marketing with video reviews from anyone, anywhere.

Sean Braacx | CPO & Co-founder

Sean Braacx is a startup product manager, accidental full stack developer, and dad of two rambunctious boys. Over the past 15 years, he has worked with numerous brands to bring their digital products to life.

StoryTap is located in Vancouver.



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