Spexi Geospatial is a startup that uses drone technology to make geospatial data more accessible than ever before. The cloud-based platform provides organizations a streamlined end-to-end solution that automates drone flights, photogrammetric data processing and geospatial data analysis. Spexi Geospatial is empowering new industries by unlocking the power of drone technology to help deliver aerial intelligence at scale.

Interview with Bill Lakeland, CEO

What we do

Aerial photography used to be expensive and time consuming. Today the technology found in consumer level drones are actually sophisticated enough to provide image quality and data that can make aerial intelligence a reality for many new industries. Our platform brings together pilots and aerial data customers to capture insights at a low cost. Now anyone can utilize aerial intelligence. 

Key accomplishments

In the past year, we have worked hard to develop our platform level products and services. Through market validation, we have seen a demand in real estate, construction and industry sectors. We were accepted into the SFU Venture Connections Incubator program in 2018 which enabled us to win the Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize in 2019. Our team also landed a spot on the Emerging Rocket list for Agri-Food as a 2019 Ready to Rocket Company. It’s been a big year for us!

Five years from now…

Spexi Geospatial will continue R&D to maintain our competitive advantage as technology develops in spaces like big data analytics, AI integration, edge processes and augmented and virtual reality. There is so much potential in this space that we can’t wait to unlock with our passionate and motivated team.

Why the New Ventures BC Competition

We have the potential to grow quickly and pitching to investors is a vital necessity to scale our business. Pitch competitions like New Ventures BC is a great way for us to hone in on our pitching skills and increase awareness of Spexi Geospatial. With external validation and positive traction in our target segments, it’s time we implement marketing and sales strategies to show the world what we can bring to the table!

Your first influential job.. 

My first meaningful job was General Manager of Selkirk Remote Sensing which at the time, was the largest aerial photography acquisition firm in BC. This position provided valuable insights into the geospatial landscape in the Pacific Northwest and North America. I gained a lot of industry knowledge during my time at Selkirk but I can say one of the biggest takeaways was the team leadership skills I developed. 

About the Founders

Bill Lakeland | CEO

Bill Lakeland is responsible for overall business strategy, direction and oversight of operations and resources at Spexi Geospatial. Bill has been the primary lead in hundreds of private and government geospatial data acquisition projects: from project conceptions, proposals, logistics, downstream mapping, quality control, to client liaising. With more than sixteen years of professional management experience in the geospatial industry, including the co-ownership of two aerial survey firms, Bill brings a wealth of direct industry experience and business acumen to the team.

Peter Szymczak | CTO

Peter Szymczak is a passionate technologist with a knack for bridging business and technical requirements; and ties them back to strategy and catalyzes return on investment. With a background in web development, he excels at mobilizing development teams and turning complex project requirements into simple yet elegant web products. He brings to the company over a decade of technical, project management and client service experience gained from developing digital projects across a variety of industries.

Emily Morris | CFO

Emily Morris has over twenty-two years of corporate accounting, finance and management experience in companies ranging from small start-ups to large organizations, such as the Canam Group. Emily’s vast experience in financial operations is complemented by a passion for maximizing growth through strategic financial analytics that empowers informed decisions. 

Jonathan Lofthouse | Business Development – Ontario Operations

Jonathan Lofthouse is a seasoned professional with eighteen years of experience in guiding strategy and digital experience for companies in the telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing industries and government. His ability to connect with customers in a variety of industries positions him well to communicate value and drive engagement with the unique target markets addressed by Spexi. Jon is a strong leader who focuses on the details; whether it be helping to increase brand awareness, define corporate direction or executing the latest marketing campaign. 

Spexi Geospatial is located in Vancouver.

Twitter: @spexigeo

Facebook: spexigeo

Instagram: @spexigeo

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