Qase helps Canadians find and work with lawyers entirely online. With Qase, people can schedule appointments, send messages, video chat, and share files quickly and securely with lawyers – without having to leave their homes. By making it easy and convenient for people to work with lawyers online, Qase will help millions of Canadians get the legal support they need.

Interview with Dan Zollmann, Founder & CEO

What we do

Over half of Canadians will encounter at least one legal problem in any given three-year period, but most never seek help from a lawyer. At the same time, many lawyers struggle to balance helping their clients with the significant administrative burdens of running a law practice. By bringing them together online, Qase improves access to justice for clients while simplifying and streamlining work for lawyers.

Key accomplishments

In April 2019, we launched Qase in BC with a pilot group of 8 lawyers. In July our fully-featured mobile site launches, along with functional enhancements based on user feedback since launch.  We are now working with the Canadian Bar Association and other key organizations to expand Qase’s reach.

Five years from now…

For the remainder of 2019, we will focus on confirming product-market fit in BC and reaching marketplace liquidity in three targeted practice areas for everyday law. In 2020, we launch in Alberta and Ontario and start preparations to expand into Washington State and California in 2021. Five years from now, we expect Qase to be a household name in North America, and to be expanding globally. 

Why the New Ventures BC Competition:

We see the New Ventures BC Competition as a fantastic opportunity to get targeted, practical advice on how to ensure Qase’s success. So far, it has exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable. We are definitely further along in our journey as a result of competing and will be leveraging our NVBC learnings in the months and years to come.

Your first influential job:

I worked in front-line retail for two years and it profoundly influenced both my consulting practice and my approach to launching Qase. First, we are extremely focused on customer experience. Second, legal service marketplaces distill down to challenges in supply-chain and inventory management optimization. My early work in retail helps me view professional services delivery through a pragmatic, business-first lens.

About the Founders

Dan Zollmann M.Eng, P.Eng | Founder & CEO

Dan founded and ran a 25+ FTE technology consulting firm for 16 years prior to Qase. He has led and played key roles in delivering 193 projects valued at over $5B for 100+ organizations across North America and Australia. Clients included Cornell, World Vision and Canada Health Infoway. Dan then closed down his consulting firm to both invest in and lead Qase.

Tom Spragss LLB, LLM, MBA |  Founder & Lawyer Relations

Tom built Spraggs Law, a 35 FTE+ personal injury law practice. With his focus on technology and workflow automation, Spraggs Law was the recipient of the 2016 Canadian Bar Association’s Innovative Workplace Award. Tom is currently the chair of the BC Law Institute’s Board, and is recognized as a leader in technology and access to justice.

 Qase is located in Vancouver. 

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