Here you can find the powerpoint slides from the 2019 Competition Seminars Series that have happened so far.

Assessing the Opportunity with Ralph Turfus

In this seminar Ralph explored the positioning statement and covered the following questions:

  • What is your go to market strategy?
  • What is your market opportunity?
  • Who are you as an entrepreneur?


Startup Day 1

Introduction to Business Models and Pricing with Steven Forth and Karen Chiang

This seminar provides an introduction to business modes and pricing. Are you pricing your product or service appropriately for your market? This seminar will discuss how to choose the right pricing model for your venture.


Product/Market Fit with Dave Thomas

This seminar will discuss how to get your business ready for the market. Topics include technology adoption models, “whole” solution offerings, and how to best position your product to your prospective customer base.


Sales Fundamentals with Shannon Ward

Sales is the most critical business skill, but what if you’re not a “natural” sales person? Learn about the new fundamental skill set required for sales success in 2019 and how to sell powerfully using your authentic self.


Financial Models with Sean Hodgins

Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to align with strategic investors, raise capital, and grow your business. In this seminar, Sean Hodgins will discuss business modelling,opportunity analysis, and financial projections.


The Business Case: What an Angel Really Wants

Looking to secure angel investment? Learn about the importance of making a business case and what angels are looking for. Mike Volker of VANTEC Angel Network and TIMIA capital shares tips and advice.


Intellectual Property Workshop

Trade-marks and patents can be daunting for the first-time entrepreneur. Do you need to go through registration? In what jurisdictions and when? What are the rules around the elements of intellectual property in Canada and beyond? This presentation will give you the basics that you need to better investigate your options.

The seminar was led by lawyer Ling Wong and Trademark Agent Janine MacNeil of Fasken.


Corporate Structure and Legal Agreements

This seminar addressed the initial corporate matters you need to consider in building your technology company. You’ll get essential insights into corporate structure plus some q&a time from speakers Steve Saville, Hardeep Gill and John Conlin.


Workshop: Round 2

Alexandra Greenhill, CEO of myBestHelper and Careteam Technologies and past New Ventures BC Competition winner discusses how to perfect your Round 2 competition submission.


Startup Day 2

  • If you would like a video recording of startup day 2 email us at SEO seminar slides to come.

Exit Strategy 

Basil says that the best strategy for a startup is an exit strategy. Entrepreneurs have complex motivations, Investors, on the other hand, are simple minded: they want capital gains. They’re also a pain, he admits (he is one himself). They demand documentation, board meetings, and of course their money back… which means you need to have an exit strategy.


HR 101 for Startups 

Allison Guld and Stephanie Lyster from the Answer Bar talk HR 101 for Startups during this seminar. From the basics through to strategicworkforce solutions, this seminar will teach you how to minimize risk and make better decisions.


SEO for startups 

Learn how to build your web traffic without paying for ads. Josh Loewen from the Status Bureau will chat about how to use the top 10 ways to get traffic in 2019 with some specific examples that focus on SaaS, E-commerce and lead generation.


Funding Fundamentals

Vivian from Spring Activator talked funding fundamentals for startups in this seminar. She will cover non-dilutive financing, raising equity and crowdfunding. This seminar will also discuss goal setting, perfecting your pitch and the due diligence process.


Funding Fundamentals Part 2

Thinking of raising money from investors for your startup? Spring Activator’s Vivian McCormick, Redpeaks Management Inc and Pieter Dorsman talked valuation, pitching and alternate returns at Part 2 of our Fundraising Fundamentals workshop.

Vivian’s Slides

Peter’s Slides


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