VOLTiFiC is a technology firm that explores innovative ideas to solve complex battery problems. Their platform educates battery engineers and technicians on how to optimize battery solutions for a range of systems through a mobile, user-friendly tool.

How it started

Founders Ali and Sepehr are engineers by trade. After spending years working as engineers and managers in the electronics industry, they both experienced frustration with the existing options and information available on renewable energy sources like batteries. Feeling compelled to make a difference, they decided to combine their years of experience in the industry and take the leap in creating something VOLTiFiC to support the industry.

A key problem the founders sought to solve is around the scarcity of information and expertise around batteries. Since batteries are complex, the industry had not found a unified way of determining battery capacity. Ali and Sepehr created the VOLTiFiC cloud platform as a solution, providing a place for anyone to size or service industrial batteries regardless of technology, manufacturer, chemistry, or application. VOLTiFiC’s tools address the entire lifecycle of batteries, enabling engineers to gain insight about battery health.

Key accomplishments

VOLTiFiC is proud of their progress in tackling complex challenges for the electrical industry and developing new strategies for renewable energy. Energy storage is the missing link for full adoption of solar and wind energy, and the team is aligned in purpose to make a difference in this area. The company’s solutions go beyond the goal of making the lives of battery engineers, technicians and designers less difficult. Optimized battery size and reduction of operational waste not only increases battery usage and energy storage, but it also helps reduce carbon footprint on a global scale.

Challenges and opportunities

Batteries are complex piece of any system, and there are numerous manufacturers with their own technologies and chemistries. When it comes to standardization across manufacturers, VOLTiFiC sets out to shape uncharted territory.

With the current state of the battery industry, VOLTiFiC had to build their own frameworks and protocols for battery implementation from scratch. One upside to this is that they’ve had success in sharing this development work with the industry. So far, the team has received positive feedback and support from industry leaders who continue to encourage the team to continue their efforts in the field.

Reason for competing

VOLTiFiC sees an NVBC competition win as a way to put the company on the map. Vancouver’s lower mainland is home to many power electronics manufacturing firms that trace back to 1980’s, but many individuals with education or experience in electronics/ power engineering are switching to software positions because they believe electronics are slow-moving. Part of VOLTiFiC’s mission is to change this mindset and prove to the world that BC is well positioned to tackle big challenges like grid electrification and reducing emissions.

Five-year outlook

In five years VOLTiFiC aims to become the predominant expert for all things related to batteries and energy storage. If someone needs to find, design, sell, or operate batteries, they would head to VOLTiFiC’s cloud platform to get the resources and insight they need to move forward.

VOLTiFiC Founders

Sepehr Mogharei

Sepehr completed a Bachelor of Engineering with a focus on Systems Engineering and Robotics from Simon Fraser University. He has held a series of management positions across range of companies, providing leadership on engineering and electronics projects.

Ali Heidary

Ali completed a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at UBC before also earning his MBA in Strategic Management at UBC. Ali co-founded PAQ Engineering, which provides engineering design and training services for the critical backup industry.

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