Vancouver-based AntEater Analytics has created a SaaS platform for Team Collaboration that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze teams’ emails and provides insights on contacts, projects, and experts.

  • Alexandre Ackermans | Founder

Reason for competing:

AntEater Analytics hopes that the exposure will help modern organizations learn about AntEater and their unique vision of transparency, to ultimately make employees more knowledgeable and empowered to act.

Company highlight:

AntEater Analytics is creating revolutionary visualizations of team interactions using modern frameworks and AI. For them, creating beautiful technology is like art & magic. When you have a vision in your mind and want to make it a reality, the result is a beautiful and powerful interactive painting of your team’s interactions.

Competitive advantages:

AntEater is a Google technology Partner —  being reviewed and approved by Google allows them to provide a scalable and secure service to organizations. AntEater’s proprietary AI models for team interactions allows them to establish a unique AntEater score of organizational effectiveness to measure and improve team communication & collaboration.

Five-year outlook:

AntEater’s goal is to be the Artificial Intelligence engine that helps teams & organizations be more efficient and vastly improve communication.

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Alexandre Ackermans | Founder: Originally hailing from Belgium, Alex moved to Vancouver 10 years ago and led development and innovation at Eventbase with his team to build an industry leading event platform used by 10,000,000+ users and 50+ Fortune 1000 companies, powering apps for the Olympic Games, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Cisco and SAP, growing the team & technology from 1 to 150 employees & 2 rounds of funding. Alex is a multiple-time Speaker at SXSW & other conferences on topics ranging from IoT to Communication & Interaction Analytics. After leaving Eventbase in 2017 and sailing the Pacific, Alex founded AntEater to help organizations be more transparent and team members more connected, empowered, and knowledgeable.

Matt Donnett | Business Development: Multiple Business Founder with 15 years of expertise leading & bringing consumer & enterprise solutions to market (AuditGratuit – #1 historical marketplace for energy audits) including HR solutions for the enterprise (Founder & CEO of Vox Collector – a device to measure employee engagement in large organizations).

Richard Caelius | Advisor: Richard brings 20 years of leading companies and large enterprise Sales, Business & Partnership Development as well as Regulatory experience on EU data privacy & security. Richard advises the team on product strategy & positioning and is also a great person to hang out with at SXSW.


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