Have you heard? Startup Genome has named Vancouver as Canada’s top startup ecosystem! The 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report analyzes how regions across the world foster and sustain vibrant startup ecosystems.

According to the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), “the ranking was first launched in 2013, with Vancouver scoring an impressive 9th out of all global cities studied. The 2nd ranking came out in 2015 with a different method, which resulted in Vancouver dropping to 18th but still remaining in the Top 20.”

For this reason, the VEC, BCTECH Association, and the BC Ministry of Trade has been working with Startup Genome to “provide them with the best quality data, to connect them to the right experts, but more importantly through the process to understand where our ecosystem’s weakness are in order to help address them.”

“For as nice as it is for Vancouver to be recognized, the most important outcome of this report is to provide all participating with a benchmark on where we stand and a focus on where to improve.”



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