You have a startup, but it’s in its early stages. You’re looking to move it forward, but don’t want to make any wrong decisions. You could benefit from an accelerator program, but is ours the right fit for you? Here are some commonly asked questions about the program.

The basics

What makes your program different from other accelerator programs?

We have been helping entrepreneurs move their startups forward since 2000. We focus on very early stage ventures, taking them through customer discovery, exploring product-market fit, and developing a viable business model.

What will I learn in the program?

Our accelerator is customer discovery intensive and focuses on skills training. The format of our program combines Online Market Validation Training with regular mentorship. You will complete real-world customer interviews, and develop a venture plan which includes a six-month plan.

How can I benefit from this program?

Aside from skills-training, a key benefit of our in-person program is networking. You’ll be going through the program with other companies. You’ll be meeting with your mentor on a weekly basis, and will attend group meetings with additional mentors monthly. Snacks are provided at group meetings!

What do people go on to do after completing the VAP?

Our goal is for you to be investor ready, or to be ready to join a next-stage accelerator program. Some of our alumni have gone on to be successful in our business competition as well.

We’ve seen a rapid growth in companies, thanks to the customer-discovery intensive nature of the program. Some participants realized their venture idea wasn’t viable and saved time and money by pivoting their business in another direction.

Who the program is for

Am I in the right stage to join the program?

Our program is suitable for companies who are pre-revenue and are looking for product-market fit, or post-revenue companies who don’t have the traction they expected.

I have a large team – who should take part in the program?

The CEO should be involved in the program; one to two other team members are welcome to join as well.

What kind of companies do you serve?

We take on all kinds of tech companies.  Past alumni ranges from web-based platforms and machine learning technologies, to manufacturing and product companies. Read more about some the companies in our past cohorts.

Program details

Who are the mentors?

Our Venture Acceleration Program mentors are Joseph Bowes and Ean Jackson. Our Distance Venture Acceleration Program mentor is Beth Gallup.

How often do you run the program?

Each program is three months long. Our in-person cohort runs three times per year. The distance program is available to start at anytime in the year.

What’s the application process?

Complete our online application. Once we determine your eligibility, you’ll complete a five-minute presentation and a Q&A with our mentors at our Intake Panel.

The reason behind our process is that we want to make sure that our program is the right fit for you. If not, we can refer you to another accelerator that best suits your needs.

Program options

What’s the best program for me?

We offer four different streams of the program, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs:

Online MVT Course
Dedicated EiR
Additional mentors
Group Meetings
Program Cost
Program Duration
3 months
3 months

I have a day job. What if I can’t make all the meetings? How can I make this program work for me?

It’s ok if you miss one meeting. But if you can’t make more than one, we recommend our Distance Venture Acceleration Program. The distance program is much more flexible, allowing you to work on the program when it best suits your schedule.

I don’t live in Vancouver, can I still participate in your programs?

New Ventures BC is a part of BC Acceleration Network (BCAN). There are a number of regionally-located accelerator programs in the network that can help your startup.

If there are no BCAN accelerator programs in your area, you can participate in our Distance Venture Accelerator Program. You will still benefit from Market Validation Training and customer discovery, and will have weekly meetings with an Executive-in-Residence via Skype or phone.


Do you take equity in the company?

New Ventures BC is a not-for-profit organization. Our company’s goal is to help entrepreneurs move their startups forward – something we have been doing for 17 years.

I can’t afford to do the program, what options do I have?

We have flexible payment options that allow you to pay on a monthly basis.  We don’t want cost to be the only reason why you aren’t participating – you’ll end spending more money in the long run on business decisions. Please contact us directly for other payment options – we’re happy find a solution for you.

Do I get investment from this program?

While our program doesn’t offer any investment, our goal is to help your company become investor-ready.

Other questions?

If your question wasn’t answered, please email us at, or phone us at 604 602-5202. We are happy to answer your questions! We often hold info sessions closer to an intake date.

Our next in-person cohort begins in summer, information coming soon.  Apply to join our Distance program at any time.

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