RunGo was founded in 2012 in Vancouver to create innovative mobile fitness apps that motivates and inspires active lifestyles. Their core product is the RunGo App, the first navigation app for runners.


RunGo is currently live in the market with thousands of active users. Interview with Craig Slagel, Founder.

What was the most challenging part of the program for you?

Time – as an entrepreneur there is never enough time, so making the time for the program, interview and work was a challenge. I found that the best way to fit it in was to make it a part of my weekly routine.

What was your biggest takeaway from completing customer discovery interviews?

We gained a much better understanding of our customers, who we should be talking to and what is really important to our users. This has also really help us with marketing – knowing our real target audience has really helped us.

Best words of wisdom or tips passed on from your mentor / fellow participants?

Recording and documenting processes – this helps us understand what works and doesn’t work.

How has the Virtual Venture Acceleration Program (VVAP) helped your venture move forward?

We have gained a much better understanding of our company. Just working through the worksheets and course made us think differently about the company and helped us with pitches to potential investors.

The program has also really helped us understand our market and customers. We were able to use our findings on a targeted advertising campaign that gave us 150% growth in just one month.

Advice to future applicants?

Try and get your entire team involved with the process – initially I took on the most the work myself – getting the team involved gives different perspectives that really helps.

The VVAP summed up in 3 words or less?

Understand your startup.

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mentorThe Virtual Venture Acceleration Program is targeted at very early-stage ventures in the customer discovery phase of development. Emphasis is placed on customer discovery, product market fit, and mentorship. All training an mentorship is completed online, making it a flexible program.

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