HeadCheck is a mobile platform that enables teams to perform quick and reliable concussion assessments directly on the sideline of sporting events. Its accurate tests decrease risks for both athletes and organizations.

Currently, major sports organizations, including the NFL, NCAA and NHL rely on manual, subjective sideline testing when assessing their players for concussions.

HeadCheck gives sports teams and parents a quicker and more accurate concussion assessment. In addition, with their patent-pending technology, they are the only company to offer objective and highly reliable scoring methods for testing athletes’ balance, a key concussion indicator.

Body movement data from a headband sensor

Their app wirelessly connects to a small, highly responsive sensor held in a headband. It collects an athlete’s body movement data, then calculates a balance score. The reliability of this balance method exceeds 90%, unlike today’s methods, which are around 50%.

iPhone 3
Balance test results on an iPhone

Comparison and accessibility of historical data

HeadCheck allows for better collection, storage, management and analysis of concussion data—allowing parents or sports teams to make more confident decisions regarding players’ readiness to remain in the game.  

This positively impacts the health of athletes, as inadequate concussion assessments can subject them to further—and sometimes permanent—injuries. It also helps organizations avoid being subject to litigation.

HeadCheck team

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Harrison Brown, CEO is a medical researcher, specifically in the field of sports-related concussions. He is a reviewer for the Journal of Athletic Training and has engaged with a number of other concussion experts throughout his MSc and PhD studies at UBC.

Kerry Costello, COO brings a combination of marketing, product management, operations, and multi-unit retail management experience to HeadCheck.

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