Dooly is an AI driven platform that helps bridge the gap between taking notes and seamlessly sharing information. It works to free up people’s time, while enriching company data—putting resources in the hands of users when they need them most.

Dooly Co-Founder Kris Hartvigsen noticed a common trend among salespeople: they struggle to get information to and from their employers.

While salespeople tend to take detailed notes for themselves, they put the bare minimum into the company CRM. When this valuable information is not communicated, companies don’t have the opportunity to fully understand their customers.

With 20 years in the business, Kris understood that salespeople do not want to stop selling to complete administrative tasks such as data entry—they find it inefficient, time consuming, and that it provides little incremental value.

Moving information seamlessly with Dooly

Kris teamed up with Co-Founder Justin Vaillancourt in early 2016 to develop an industry solution called Dooly. This Ai driven platform alleviates the pressure put on salespeople by shuttling information to and from its users, based on triggers in their notes and communications.

Going beyond sales, Dooly also works to seamlessly move information to and from other systems, such as Salesforce, Linkedin, Slack, and Jira. These integrations save users a significant amount of time delivering important insights, while also enriching company databases and protecting them from lost information.

As Dooly’s story grows, Kris sees the platform itself as the most exciting source of information. He envisions looking at the aggregate conversations – email, notes, voice, etc – that people have with their customers and believes that the power to predict and guide outcomes based on the ‘what, when, where, why and how’ of past interactions will surpass current analytic models.

Kris believes that we’re moving into an age where the user is everything. With that in mind, Dooly is built with a user-first mentality, focused on building great analytics starting with an exceptional user experience.

Dooly’s team

Kris Hartvigsen is a leader in the tech industry with over twenty-years of experience. Before founding Dooly, he held senior consulting and management positions in sales for companies like Mobify and led sales Vision Critical from its early startup days to revenues in excess of $100M.

Justin Vaillancourt, Dooly’s co-founder has a deep appreciation for building quality, user-centric products. As founding engineer at and a lead engineer at Mobify, his ability to envision products both architecturally and experientially are unmatched.

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