Copypants is an automatic copyright protection service for photographers and graphic designers. Their tool allows creators to locate their unauthorized work online, then request credit, compensation, or ask that it be taken down.

Every month, over 300,000 images are stolen online. With companies and content creators seeking quick, free imagery, thousands of bloggers and corporations use images found online without formally paying the photographers and designers or requesting permission.

As a result, photographers face an uphill battle to track their own images online, while also losing opportunities for income. When they do find their work being used inappropriately, they face time-consuming battles with users to track down payment or request that images be taken down.

In September of 2015, Copypants was created to change the way we people think about ownership and copyright. After intensive customer discovery with hundreds of photographers, a beta was released in January 2016.

How Copypants works

Copypants’ software searches online to find where a creator’s work is being posted. When an image is found that matches their stored database, notification alerts are sent.


If the image is being used without permission or payment, the user can send a takedown notice or request to be credited. 


If they would prefer to ask for payment, they can request payment to license the image instead.


Helping photographers focus on art

The software frees up creator’s time—instead of focusing on fighting legal battles, they can focus on their art. The platform aims to help photographers and graphic designers earn a fair living by sharing their work with a wider (paying) audience.

Meet the Copypants team


Chris Adlparvar, Co-Founder and CEO of Copypants, has been a part of 3 successful startups, has over 13 years of experience in business development, and inspires the motivation behind the Copypants brand. He is ready to disrupt the existing market so that artists can completely control the use of their work. Let it be seen here in writing that when Copypants reaches 10,000 users, Chris will dress up in any outfit the team picks out for him for an entire day. #goals

Maarten Haubrich, Co-Founder and CTO of Copypants, brings to the team more than 15 years of experience in web engineering. His leadership and killer personality induces the ideal environment for creativity. Maarten works closely with the developers as a mentor and keeps everyone focused with his incredible coffee. His favourite colour is orange, which may or may not have been inspiration for their app.

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