The TZOA Enviro-Tracker is a portable device that helps people better map and understand their air quality. It allows users to take action to reduce irritants causing allergies, and to protect against particles that can contribute to life-threatening conditions that affects millions of people a year.

The sleek wearable device can be clipped onto clothing, purses, backpacks or strollers, detecting air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and UV (sun) exposure. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth to display information and recommendations in its dedicated app. Users of TZOA also contribute to a crowdsourced data to create WAZE like maps of air quality that gives alerts, and highlighting areas to avoid in, all in real-time. Growing up in Vancouver, TZOA Co-founder Kevin Hart felt spoiled by the fresh mountain air, but it wasn’t until he started working on a construction site that he realized there should be a better way of keeping track of the environment around him. Fellow co-founder Laura Moe – a registered nurse – saw the effects of pollution firsthand in her patients. The team at TZOA is committed to social and environmental change, and the TZOA Enviro-Tracker is their means of empowering people by better understanding the quality of their environment.

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