Stem-Shock is a programmable herbicide that was developed to tackle the urgent need for a safe and effective way to remove Scotch Broom – one of many invasive weed plants growing on Vancouver Island.

Co-founders Chris Tuttle and Layne Woodfin developed the Stem-Shock platform; a programmable non-GMO herbicide to aid managers of towns, forests, farms, and parks in their fight against invasive or herbicide-resistant weeds. The company uses a cutting edge technology called RNA interference (RNAi) to target specific species of weed that is neither harmful to people or the environment. The designing and development process has led to a greater understanding of RNAi and plant-related technologies, which the co-founders hope addresses the growing and largely uncontrolled economic damage caused worldwide by invasive weeds with their work. They aspire to grow an innovative company in the synthetic and plant biology field.

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