Resolution Diagnostics is a biotech startup company that is advancing genetic testing in order to increase the success rate of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a process used to conceive children by couples that have been unable to conceive naturally, or have a high probability of passing a disease on to their children.

Resolution Genomics’ novel technology enables – in embryos – the detection of genetic abnormalities that are undetectable using existing commercially available methods. This provides a more complete picture of the genetic state of each of the multiple embryos that are created during the IVF process, enabling a more informed choice when selecting a single embryo for implantation, and ultimately increasing the likelihood of achieving a successful pregnancy without the financial and emotional toll incurred by having to perform multiple IVF cycles. The company is well positioned to expand into other sectors such as disease diagnosis/monitoring and prenatal testing. The technology is currently in the scientific validation phase, with ongoing refinement of the product offering.

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