During the Great Recession, Davyde Wachell engaged in lively debates with Bloomberg columnist Noah Smith about the nature of finance. Recognizing the importance of financial and economic research, the now-CEO of Responsive sought to create a new kind of wealth management organized around data science and historical thinking.

Responsive Wealth management is working to offer sophisticated investing to everyone, by having lower fees and minimums, and educating their clients about the investment process. Based on client investment goals, the Responsive invests, and strategically adjusts portfolios to the most current economic and market conditions. Their advanced algorithmic process actively rebalances portfolios based on incoming economic information, to better protect clients’ capital during downturns. The Responsive algorithm uses a broad set of data, learning from historical patterns. Currently managing a private friends-and-family portfolio, Responsive will offer their service to the broader public after becoming fully registered with the BC Securities Commission.

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