BCIC-New Ventures’ 25 round-three competitors are working on their Round 3 business overviews for submission on August 8th.

Competition judges will announce the 10 finalists on September 4th but in the meantime let’s have a closer look at the Top 25.

SterileCare Inc. is a Vancouver-based medical device company with a patented disinfectant solution that will impact top healthcare-acquired infections.

Reducing the incidence of these infections will improve quality of life, save lives and decrease the cost associated with treating such infections.

Their first-generation product focuses on complications related to central venous catheters, including associated bloodstream infections reported to cause a 12 to 25% mortality rate among patients requiring long-term treatments such as hemodialysis, chemotherapy, acute critical care or total parenteral nutrition.

SterileCare has an innovative product that is a simple solution to a clearer path for improved quality of health.

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