The following is a guest post written by Pamela Santos of AIESEC SFU.

A global intern has jumped through hoops to pass the selection process, competed with candidates from other countries, and travelled overseas in order to arrive in Canada to work for you. What does this intern have to offer?

Along with university-level education and related work experience, this international student leader is filled with an abundant enthusiasm and a fresh perspective that can ignite the creative flow within your workplace.

Supporting the newly arrived intern is the local AIESEC organization who will be working closely with your company in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. The only questions now are: what is this program and how can you get started?

AIESEC offers the Global Internship Program where all you have to do is provide the job description, choose the best candidate for your company from a number of hand-picked potentials from various countries, and sit back and wait for your AIESEC intern to arrive prepared to work. AIESEC will take care of the visa process and all the logistical arrangements such as transitioning to the new culture and accommodation. Not only is hiring an AIESECer a cost-effective solution, it is a hassle-free process that provides customized hiring and flexible scheduling in order to meet your company’s needs to the fullest.

As the world’s largest student-run and non-profit organization, AIESEC provides a platform for young people to realize and activate their leadership potential locally and globally. Over 60,000 skilled, globally-minded members in over 110 different countries volunteer their time to facilitate the success of the internship program.

For more information about AIESEC’s Global Internship Program, email Julia Luu at or visit

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