BCIC-New Ventures’ 25 round-three competitors are working on their Round 3 business overviews for submission on August 8th.

Competition judges will announce the 10 finalists on September 4th but in the meantime let’s have a closer look at the Top 25.

Pixton.com is an award-winning comic-making tool and community that began in 2008 as a personal experiment with stick figures.

Clive Goodinson, at the time a freelance web developer in Vancouver, envisioned a kind of Wikipedia for stories, where anyone would have the ability to create colourful, expressive comics in a style reminiscent of his childhood favorite, Tintin.

Today, Pixton’s intuitive click-n-drag interface allows people around the world to express themselves and communicate graphically, with fully posable characters, photos, real-time collaboration, and much more. The platform provides an unparalleled creative and social experience for the consumer, education and business markets.