BCIC-New Ventures’ 25 round-three competitors are working on their Round 3 business overviews for submission on August 8th.

Competition judges will announce the 10 finalists on September 4th but in the meantime let’s have a closer look at the Top 25.

Timely creates innovative calendar software, helping people experience richer lives by connecting them to relevant events in their communities.

Timely Calendars have the capacity to connect with other calendars and share listings, so that users can create a customized Calendar, full of events that interest them. Intuitive design, media-enriched listings, and innovative layouts evolve how we can represent events and experiences.

Since Timely’s launch in March 2012, the Calendar has been installed on 30,000 websites, sharing hundreds of thousands of events per month, in 12 languages, and 150 countries.

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