2008 competitor Singular Software of is being acquired by Red Giant.

“We’re excited to announce that Red Giant has acquired all Singular Software products,” the Vancouver team said in a statement. “You probably know Red Giant as a company famous for developing great video products for filmmakers, with the Magic Bullet product line leading the way for color correction and visual storytelling.”

This partnership is a perfect fit for two companies with a similar vision and culture. Singular Software products are an exciting opportunity for Red Giant customers who want professional syncing for their audio and video. And Singular Software technology is an important part of Red Giant’s plans for new filmmaking and workflow products.

So, what next for Singular Software? The company says its development team will “continue full steam ahead with product development, including PluralEyes 3.”  And while the transition to Red Giant is under way, users can continue to use the Singular Software website to buy products and contact them for support.

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