The BCIC – New Ventures Competition: Regional Top 20 Finalists were announced in November.

Over the last two weeks we’ve be highlighting the finalists leading up to the Awards Ceremony this week on February 23rd in Kelowna.

Here is Part V featuring four randomly selected finalists from around the province (You can read Part I here, Part II here, Part III here, and Part IV here). And, yes, we know that this final part only includes three finalists, making the total number of finalists 19 instead of 20.

Wifarer Inc. – Victoria

Wifarer has commercialized the world’s only indoor GPS solution through a smart phone app which uses data from a venue’s existing WiFi system to pinpoint a smart phone’s location in a venue in real time to an average accuracy of 2 to 6 feet. Wifarer provides visitors with a free, personal, hand-held guide through a venue, while providing venues with a way to monetize, analyze and optimize their visitors’ journeys.

SoKap – Okanagan Falls

SoKap isn’t just a fundraising platform. It’s a social utility created to accelerate big ideas in movies, music and publishing. SoKap helps creative entrepreneurs raise funds, build markets and connect directly with consumers. In short, it is a simple, transparent payment program that is completely set up and controlled by each user.

MediaCore – Victoria

MediaCore is a cloud-based, online video learning platform optimized for K-12, post-secondary and training institutions, corporations and conferences that provide education to students and staff online. It allows an organization to launch and control their own educational video experience that can be shared publicly or privately across desktop and mobile devices.

Four of BCIC – New Ventures Competition: Regional Top 20 Finalists – Part IV