Today 2007 New Ventures Competition 3rd Place finisher Bean Bean Services announced a new collaboration with Travelex Global Business Payments.

The partnership will provide companies with streamlined end-to-end payables processing, following recent surveys that continue to show a strong desire by businesses to do away with the labor-intensive, paper-based steps typically used to process and approve invoices while at the same time converting their B2B payments from costly paper checks to electronic delivered payments.

“As we transition into the electronic paperless age of approval workflow it’s imperative that controllers and CFO’s are able to quickly access as much of the transaction details as possible before approving for payment,” said Jarrod Levitan, CEO of Bean Services. “Combining Travelex’s world class payment solution with Beanbills’ visibility into the actual invoice image and workflow, creates a powerful tool for any organization who wants to take advantage of all the cost efficiencies in that process.”

Vancouver-based Bean Services’ mission is to increase office productivity through user friendly and innovative cloud based e-payables software.

Travelex is a global foreign exchange specialist providing the payment and receipt of domestic and international funds for businesses of all sizes.

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