2011 Top 25 competitor CapTherm Systems announced today that Greenscape Capital has entered into a letter of intent to acquire a 40% interest in their company for $1.9 Million.

CapTherm has developed a revolutionary technology applicable to the high-power electronics cooling industry. Applications of this technology can range from the IT sector (chip-level cooling of servers, workstations, desktops & mobile devices) to Electric Vehicles (thermal management of batteries, insulated gate bipolar transistors & cabinet climate control) to LED lighting to the Military/Space sectors (laser, radar & micro-gravity environments) to Medical Devices (eg. MRIs).

Greenscape Capital Group increases environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and profitability of companies and their operations. Greenscape Capital is focused on dramatically increasing the profitability of commercial facilities through enhanced energy efficiency and environmental best practices.

2008 Competitor Primisyn acquired by Swiss banking software leader