Last week the BCTIA announced the finalists for the 2011 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs). Under the awards theme of BC’s Mark on the World, the 2011 finalists reaffirm BC’s status as a global leaders in clean energy and innovative software solutions, including mobile computing.

The finalists represent a broad range of technologies including enterprise, mobile and social media software; power electronics, imaging and microprocessor hardware, including quantum processing; and unique lighting and hybrid Stirling/Thermoacoustic devices. Their solutions can be found in a number of environments including healthcare, retail, financial services, research labs, telecommunications, green building and power utilities.

2009 2nd prize winner Etalim Inc. and 2011 competitor Secodix Corp. are the two finalists for the Most Promising Pre‐Commercial Technology award, so it’s safe to say that one of them is going to win this award.

Etalim is also a finalist in the Most Promising Start‐Up category.

Winners will be announced on June 9th at the Technology Impact Awards Dinner at the Vancouver Convention Centre-West. Purchase tickets at