The SFU Technology Business Mentorship (TBM) program provides a venue for connecting entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and investors whose feedback will advance the development and financing of new technology-based ventures.

Interaction with mentors and investors is intended to assist participating entrepreneurs by:

  • Improving the “investor-readiness” of the venture by reviewing its business plan and the entrepreneur’s investor-pitch;
  • Assisting the venture by reviewing its goals and aligning them with its strategy;
  • Reviewing all aspects of the venture’s sales and marketing plan; and
  • Connecting the venture with advisors, employees, investors and customers.

Delivering on the above objectives occurs via the organization of three two-hour mentor panel meetings over a period of four months. The initial meeting is a “discovery” meeting  where the entrepreneur presents the venture’s value proposition to customers and investors. The second meeting follows up on the panel’s feedback from the discovery meeting, and the final meeting tracks progress and explores next steps for the venture as it exits the program.

Each panel will be composed of up to six mentor-class business professionals. Successful applicants make their pitch to the mentor panel and receive detailed feedback. To ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that the mentoring provided is acted upon, provision for follow up is provided in three ways:

  1. The mentor panel will nominate a “Lead Mentor” who will act as a point of contact to “check in” with the pitching venture to ensure they are acting on the advice provided and to clarify it where necessary;
  2. Throughout the process, the Director of the program will provide mentoring assistance to the entrepreneur; and
  3. Following the final presentation, the Lead Mentor willassist the entrepreneur, if appropriate, in determining ongoing sources of mentorship

Round One applications are due on July 12th and selections will be announced on July 30th.Round Two applications are due on September 13rd and selections will be announced on September 30th.

If your company is interested in participating in the SFU Technology Business Mentorship Program, submit an application to SFU UILO via email to Applications should include:

  1. Name of the venture and all of the principals involved with contact information
  2. Industry sector or product category
  3. List of milestones or accomplishments to date (e.g.,financing, prototype or product testing, customers, employees, etc.)
  4. Short description of objectives for the next six months and why you would like to participate in the program.

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